Has anyone ever heard of re-directed aggression in cats?

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    amymarie_5posted 6 years ago

    Has anyone ever heard of re-directed aggression in cats?

    I've had my two cats, Ramona and Bailey, for a few years.  They have always gotten along and I always felt lucky to have two cats that absolutely love each other.  Saturday, Ramona was startled over someone shouting outside my window.  She flipped out and attacked Bailey, who was sitting by himself not doing anything. Their relationship is not the same anymore.  Bailey is afraid of Ramona and she continues bullying him.  I've heard of re-directed aggression in cats.  Has anyone had this happen?  Will they get over it?

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    tpillowposted 6 years ago

    Hi there!

    Since your cats have been friendly for most of their existence together I think you will find redirecting them easier than if they had not been so friendly.

    It sounds like Ramona was afraid and when she could not attack the noise maker in the street - she decided to attack the next best thing which was Bailey!

    For future fights you may want to try one of these two tactics:

       1. Use a Water Pistol
          Generally, a water pistol set on full stream will be an attention-getter and break up a fight quickly.

       2. Toss a Pillow or Large Toy Between Them
          Best-scene results will be that the aggressor's attention will be diverted toward the pillow, so the victim may safely retreat.

    I found these tips on Fosters & Smith:

    Prevent your cat's aggressive behavior from becoming a habit by intervening early.

    Keep aggressive cats separate from each other. Reintroduce them slowly when signs of aggression have disappeared.

    Interrupt and startle cats that are being aggressive toward each other with a squirt of water or by shaking a bottle partially full of nickels.

    Hope these things help~
    Good luck!

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    amymarie_5posted 6 years ago

    Thanks TPillow!  I feel a bit reassured.  I have been seperating them when I notice them starting to get aggressive.  I've also tried giving them treats when they are near each other and not fighting.  I like your tips, especially the water gun.  I've heard that before but never really thought I needed one until now.