What could I do to help my dog from being afraid of people?

  1. chanroth profile image73
    chanrothposted 6 years ago

    What could I do to help my dog from being afraid of people?

    I have a shih tzu and she is afraid of people because she came from an abusive family. I want to help this dog know that people are not fearful and shouldn't be afraid of. She really need to be loved and she was not loved by the first family she was with. What could I do to help her from being afraid and she pee all over herself when she is afraid of people. Please help!

  2. Peter Creighton profile image61
    Peter Creightonposted 6 years ago

    Patience is the key I think ... and leadership.  Dogs are pack animals and they gain confidence by following a pack leader. Since you are her owner it is your responsibility to be the pack leader and provide for her. She needs love but isn't human so lay off the sympathy. Bring a friend into your house and tell them to totally ignore her, I'm English so would make them a cup of tea, maybe you could do the same and together just sit and chat, Ensure beforehand that your friend knows to totally ignore your dog. If she doesn't approach your friend - so be it! Try the day after and the day after that. Eventually she will begin to recognise that this human leaves her alone and she will become curious. When she builds up the courage to come over - still ignore her. She will have a sniff and become intrigued by your friend. Still ignore her ... only when she is ready can you let your friend respond. Your dog will let you know when this is? It could be the first time or the twentieth ... but eventually she will lean against your friend or lick their hand or give some other subtle sign of friendship. At this point maybe a gentle pat or stroke might help. As time passes and your love and patience shines through her confidence in you as a leader will grow and with it trust of humans again. Just try not to be sympathetic ... dogs don't want, need or understand this ... they see it as weakness on your part. I hope this helps and I'm not talking complete nonsense? I have a German Shepherd who is a Police Breeding Dog for West Yorkshire Police in England and she has a few insecurities of her own but we've reached a mutual understanding of each other over the last two years since she joined our pack and with that our bond has become unbreakable ... I love her like a child and feel responsible for her happiness! yikes) I hope this helps?