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How do I get my cat to stop opening my dresser drawers?

  1. melbel profile image96
    melbelposted 6 years ago

    How do I get my cat to stop opening my dresser drawers?

    My cat regularly opens my dresser drawers and removes my clothing from the dresser. Without taping it shut, putting chairs in front of the dresser, or disallowing the cat from the room what are some way to keep her from doing this?

  2. Doc Snow profile image95
    Doc Snowposted 6 years ago

    I don't know.

    But I think you should get this activity on video!

  3. melbel profile image96
    melbelposted 6 years ago
  4. amymarie_5 profile image86
    amymarie_5posted 6 years ago

    Just watched the clip!! Lol!! My cats do it, my mom's cats do it and I don't think you can stop them. You can try squirting her with a water gun but she will just do it when you're not around. Cats are in their own world and they just don't care smile

  5. jkselections profile image57
    jkselectionsposted 6 years ago

    Our cat's like to open our kitchen cupboards sometimes, what fun!  One thing that we have used is the child safety locks, which keeps them out but not always the most practical.  Another thing we have tried when they do something that we don't want them to do like get up on the kitchen counters, kitchen table etc., we spray them with a bottle of water.  When we spray we tell them down, after a few times of this they know when we pick the spray bottle up and say down that they had better get down or get sprayed.  Eventually all we have to do is say down and they listen.

  6. profile image0
    icountthetimesposted 6 years ago

    I think I'd say "no" quite forcefully each time i saw the cat do it. In time hopefully it would learn that it shouldn't be going in there.