What is the best fencing for an aviary?

  1. Eileen profile image48
    Eileenposted 10 years ago

    i would like to have an aviary but what fencing is good to keep finches-macaws?=/

  2. Jungle Talk profile image61
    Jungle Talkposted 10 years ago

    Hi, you can buy wire mesh that is used for aviaries. It comes is a variety of sizes, with 'size' meaning the size of the mesh openings (ie. 1" x 4"), depending on the birds you are going to house.

    Two types generally used are stainless steel and galvanized.  There is some concern about the galvanized, as it is basically made of zinc. Some people feel if you have a chewing parrot they may get toxicity from it, however it is suggested that washing it with vinegar will neutralize the zinc. The safest mesh is the stainless steel, but is a bit more expensive.

    I have used both materials and never experienced any negative results so can't really say anything bad about the galvanized personally.

  3. Chet Womach profile image53
    Chet Womachposted 10 years ago

    It doesn't hurt to always error on the side of safe and get what you know is gonig to be best for your bird though :-)  With that being said I'd probably spring for the stainless steel if I was going to be doing this project!