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Should I keep a bad tempered Mare?

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    Robbswaterposted 6 years ago

    Should I keep a bad tempered Mare?

    Had a Throughbred Mare given to me. Good bloodlines etc, good looking animal and good conformation. Put her in foal to our own Andalusian Stallion to replace a Stallion what had to be shot. She is nearly six months in foal. I am hoping for a Colt foal. Trouble is the mare has a nasty streak in her. Always got her ears back at anytime, kicking out, trying to beat up on our Mule, who has now got her manners. I fear the foal may have her traits. My husband wants me to get rid incase she kicks me but I know she will throw a beautiful foal. What would you do?

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    duffsmomposted 6 years ago

    She may be like I was when I was pregnant - miserable. Wait until she foals to judge her temperament.  I used to have a nasty Arabian mare who was just awful, ran the geldings around.  We had to keep them separate.  Oddly enough she was pregnant when we bought her and in good temperament at that time.  Only after foaling she was a stinker.  We gave her away to be sure she got a good home.

    I would wait until the foal hits the ground and then see how she is.  If she is still nasty, I would sell her with full disclosure.

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    Robbswaterposted 6 years ago

    The woman who gave her to me never mentioned she had this mean streak and she was very quiet when she first came. I have only just had her tested to see if she was in foal. Over here the Vet's do not come out to test, so I got an old fella who is a horse dealer to take her to the Vet's for me. The plan was that if she was not in foal, the old fella would have taken her straight for Slaughter. Sounds cruel but my fear was of her ending up with some young girl and doing damage then being passed around from pillar to pole before being slaughtered or even worse being dumped in a field starving. I feel a bit tight on the woman who gave her to me for wanting shut of the mare, but then I think she dumped her on me for the same reasons.
    I have seen pictures of Andalusian cross throughbreds and they are amazing. I think I will just hang in and put up with her evilness a bit longer. If she foal's down and its a filly. I will put her straight back in foal and sell her with the foal at foot. I only keep stallions usually (not for breeding) I do Dressage. A mare on the same yard as Stallions has caused nothing but trouble in my experience!

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    jenniferrpoveyposted 6 years ago

    It's possible she's just hormonal.

    If, however, she is also showing stallion-like behavior (such as trying to mount other mares, or maybe that poor mule) then you do need to have her ultrasounded - she may have a GTC tumor, which causes JUST this kind of thing in pregnant mares. It's treatable, so I'd definitely have her checked out if you can.

    At 6 months, though, that's perfect timing for it just to be the pregnancy grumps.

    Please, though, if she is still nasty after she foals, don't breed her again. IF she is an overall nasty mare, then she WILL teach her foals to be the same way.

    It does sound like it's pregnancy-related, though.

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    Normally-Crazyposted 6 years ago

    There is no bad horse, just bad owners. If your horse is acting this way, it's because of a previous owner. It seems to me that if she is acting this way, she is either doing it to protect herself or she has just been allowed to and nobody has corrected her.
    Your mule, who you say, "now has her manners" has them because you have not corrected your mare and has picked up on this. That being said, the same will eventually happen with your foal if you don’t show authority. If you plan on keeping the foal,  ground manners/training should be taught to your foal as early on as possible- the sooner the better.
    About your mare, if you do wish to keep her, you need to have the time to. Horses are a huge time commitment and if you keep either mare or foal, you need to have time (and lots of it).
    That being said, you need to start laying the law down with your mare NOW. The longer you let her keep acting like this, the worse she is going to be.  This doesn't mean acting all macho and tough, you just need to stand your ground and correct her when she lashes out. If you are going to keep your mare, I suggest consulting with a trainer and a veterinarian if you do keep her, just to be on the safe side.
    I wish you the best of luck  smile

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    Andrea Benfellposted 3 years ago

    There could a few different things going on,and Im picking this could be hormonal,but you wont know till after the foal.Horses are not nasty by nature,she may have had previous bad treatment and is afraid of humans.
    Could be she is an alpha type mare and doesn't accept your leadership.If you are trying to approach her in a small space she will feel very threatened and probably needs a lot more space to learn to trust you.People do not give anything away for no good reason.She will pass her distrust of humans to her foal,you need to be able to handle her.Find someone experienced in natural horsemanship skills.Any horse can be worked with successfully,but it takes time, knowledge and patience.cheers and all the best