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How do you teach a puppy not to whine?

  1. tgopfrich profile image78
    tgopfrichposted 6 years ago

    How do you teach a puppy not to whine?

  2. Jesus was a hippy profile image60
    Jesus was a hippyposted 6 years ago

    You can ignore the behaviour so they realise it doesnt get attention and they will eventually give up trying.

    Most dogs grow out of whining as they get older.

  3. PurvisBobbi44 profile image82
    PurvisBobbi44posted 6 years ago

    You teach with love. Pick that sweet puppy up and put it on your shoulder and rub it's back. Talk softly to it, it is scare and feels alone. You have to bond with a puppy, just like any baby. And when you put it in it's bed---put in a toy that has your scent on it. Love conquers all.

  4. funnyfarm profile image59
    funnyfarmposted 6 years ago

    It really depends on when it is whining.  If it is at night, then it is probably lonely.  Dogs are pack animals and a new puppy is not used to sleeping without his pack.  Crate training can help, but be sure that the crate is where he can be near you.  You are the new pack leader.  However, if this is happening every time you are out of sight you need to do a little behavior modification.  Be sure he has all his needs met and plenty to occupy him.  If you continue to give attention every time he starts whining you are reinforcing the behavior you want to stop.

  5. Laura Matkin profile image77
    Laura Matkinposted 6 years ago

    We need more information about the whining:)  When, Why, Where,

  6. F5487laura profile image60
    F5487lauraposted 6 years ago

    As long as your puppy is healthy and catered for its probably an attention thing. In my experience I have learned to deal with it the hard way and ignore it completely sad its hard but it makes life much easier in the long run. If you succumb to wining it can lead to constant barking and other naughty behaviors. Its fairer on the dog in the long run.

  7. tgopfrich profile image78
    tgopfrichposted 6 years ago

    At night when its bed time, he sleeps by himself

  8. iiimusicfreak27 profile image60
    iiimusicfreak27posted 6 years ago

    He just wants love. My dog used to cry allll night every night when he was a puppy and I tried ignoring but it just didn't work. I ended up letting him sleep on my pillow every night and he NEVER cried once I let him sleep with me. After a couple of weeks, maybe a month or two, I put him back to sleep on his own and he was okay. The older he gets the more independent is how I look at it. Enjoy his puppy-ness, I miss my little one when he was that age, haha:)