What are your suggestions on this matter!!

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    sassydeeposted 6 years ago

    What are your suggestions on this matter!!

    okay about a year ago my boyfriend gave this cute kitten to my kids which I told him no but he still did any way,  This cat is very cute my kids love him. I recently took my daughter to the doctors and apparently she is allergic to fleas and the cat itself. My older daughter doesn't really take care of it like she should even though she was the one who cried for the cat when she wanted it.  It gets feed and bathed a lot from my boyfriend and my lil daughter loves the cat but she just wont stay away from it and this is mostly what causes her to get her allergies. what should I do?


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    Amber Killingerposted 6 years ago

    Oh...that's a tough one.
    The allergies to fleas is easy. Get rid of the fleas. Our non-profit kitten rescue likes Advantage the best. Revolution is also very good. Treat the cat now, then again in 30 days. Also spray your carpet with an anti-flea spray. That'll take care of the fleas, so long as your kitty is indoor-only and doesn't continuously pick up fleas from outside.

    If you decide to get rid of the kitty, Craigslist is a very good venue for finding a new home. Do charge a fee (even if it's just $25) so you don't get those crazy people picking up FREE cats to experiment on or torture. Yes, it does happen. You can meet with potential adopters and screen them and adopt your kitty out to someone you feel comfortable with.

    Whether or not you "should" keep or get rid of the kitty...that's a family matter. You could always have a family meeting and say, OK, here's what is required for us to keep this cat. 1. you have to feed kitty 2. you have to make sure there's water 3. you have to scoop kitty litter. If these aren't done every day, then you aren't ready for a cat and the cat will go to a new home. 

    The fact that your younger daughter loves the cat and is allergic to it, complicates things. You could explain to her that at some point, she can have a different pet, but that you aren't ok with having a pet in the house that she's allergic to. I don't know. That's a tough one.

    Good luck!

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    cloverleaffarmposted 6 years ago

    Maybe it is not the cat she is allergic to. Maybe it is the shampoo you use bathing the cat. Cat's don't really need to be bathed.
    Has your daughter been allergy tested? This would rule out what is actually causing it.
    As far as the fleas, those are easily remedied using Revolution. Gone in just a few days.
    It would be sad to have to give it away, but maybe a family member could take it in. That way, your daughter could still see it once and awhile.
    Hard decision, I know. I wish you luck.