Why is my poor Cat throwing up??

  1. mobias profile image72
    mobiasposted 5 years ago

    Why is my poor Cat throwing up??

    I've tried offering and mixing moist food, within the dry stuff-she eats around it, only eats very small amount of moist good stuff, digs for the cheap dry stuff , then goes to throw up again 20 minutes later. It looks like chunks of undigested yellow/orange cat food [gross I know]. She was fine for a year with dry food. I've gotten different brands, maybe this is the problem? What do you all use for multi-cat households cat food? My wife worries she has a bowel obstruction?


  2. gail641 profile image69
    gail641posted 5 years ago

    Maybe your cat should be checked out by a vet to try to find out what is causing your cat to throw up? I have two cats and I feed them dry food and canned food separately. I buy the brand name cat food that isn't too expensive like Friskies or cat chow. Getting advice from a vet would be a good idea to make sure the cat doesn't have a bowl obstruction.

  3. truthfornow profile image79
    truthfornowposted 5 years ago

    My cat had IBS and stopped eating.  I got her to eat again by giving her baby food, all meat kind.  Cats love it. Not enough nutrients to eat long term. However, it is bland and easy on the stomach and it got her eating regular food again.  After she got better, grain-free food is the only kind of cat food she can eat that does not hurt her stomach.  She only developed this condition when she got really old and it took a long time to get her off the junk food.  So, it's the expensive dry food like EVO which she really likes and Petco has affordable wet food that is grain-free.  Aloe Vera also helps with stomach issues.  Check out a natural pet website.  If the cat is not pooping, than you need to go to the vet because obstructions are deadly.  Good Luck.