How Do you Best Train a Rescue Staffie?

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    Linda Blissposted 5 years ago

    How Do you Best Train a Rescue Staffie?

    The Staffordshire Bull Terrier used to be called the nanny dog & were hugely popular with families. Now their reputation has been tainted and they are one of the most common dogs to be found in rescue centers - many without even basic dog training, fearing people or have been trained for dog fights.

    How do you best train a rescue Staffie so they get back their good manners with humans and canine friends alike?

    Are Staffies different from other dogs in terms of what training they require? What dog sports or activities do they excel at if properly trained?

    (photo: Battersea Dog Home)

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    yorkieladyposted 5 years ago

    hi, we help b y fostring all types of smaller dogs, and basically all teh baic stuff souldbe hte same, the playing is  hwere most of it i differnt,all terriers are hyper and need more play and fun time then many ohter breeds. our first heing we do with all dogs is love them , now that sounds sooo easy but it tisnt, if they are skittish sometiems loving htem just means being ins same room adn giving them their space for a while, days, or even weeks, allowing them to come to you at their pace. since dogs are socail issues they will instictivly be craving your time/attetnion.  you should notice pretty quikly that they will at least be following you. from room to room, as they dont want to be alone   often your hand frquentl tot them face up as not to let them feel threateneed. get down at their level,  as standin gabove them may cause a submissive or fearful dog to feel threatenete.  or an alpha do feel challenged.  as your baby warms up to you, constatnly talk to them and reassure them, mama loves you dexer,  mama would never hurt you dexter, dont you want to play desxter.  as your dog strat to come out fo its shell begin teh treat progem  but what peol e dont realize is you do not give trets everytime, s you want you r dog to lvo you anot het treats. so somethimes they get a trat sometimes the dont.  terreris of all types love ball chasing, that is great way to start.  prise the dog evettime it does right. prasie praise prais si est teacher,dogs love otmake their owners happy. my terriers love thier balls, they freqeuntly go to sleep with htem in their moutsh as did my ofox terriers.  many terriers excelt at agility courses, loving to run adn jupm tjhey are a breeze at ti,  and i think the stffies are also great at frisbees,  so just try to work with your baby and see what interstes him/her and go with it,  let me know if i can help   goodluck and hugs and thanks for rescuing a dog and svanig a life.