Which do you prefer cats or dogs?

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  1. lejonkung profile image63
    lejonkungposted 12 years ago

    Which do you prefer cats or dogs?

    and why?


  2. ChristinS profile image39
    ChristinSposted 12 years ago

    cats they are less needy and more independent.  I love dogs too smile they are very sweet, but they aren't self-cleaning like a cat and they are more time consuming so I stick to cats smile

  3. profile image0
    cmahanposted 12 years ago

    I prefer both. For different reasons.

    Cats stay inside. They are fun to play with and sometimes will even cuddle. I have never had a day in my life where I did not own a cat. Ever. I've had some I trained and some that I just let be fat and lazy. LOL. But, I can't take them outside for walks. I guess I could, maybe some do, but I don't. They are, for the most part, self-sufficient. I could even get an automatic litter-box to make THAT part easier. LOL.

    I have boxers. I have not had dogs my whole life, but I have the majority of it. Dogs are protective and loving at the same time. They can ride in the car with me if I just want to get out of the house and want that comfort of having someone go with me. I take them to the park for walks and fetch. Ever try doing that with a cat?

    I love them both because they give me unconditional love and thats what it comes right down to.

  4. GDiBiase profile image65
    GDiBiaseposted 12 years ago

    I love and have owned both. I think cats are easier to own than dogs. But many cats are not mans best friend like dogs. I love dogs because when you come home they come running and are so excited to see you. They love you unconditionally. Cats will look up and acknowledge that you are home and then go back to grooming.

  5. Becky Katz profile image81
    Becky Katzposted 12 years ago

    I much prefer dogs. They are more loving usually. I did just have a cat that we had to give away that was very loving. She would come and lay on my desk between my arms while I was typing. She also came running to the door when we came home. She just would not stay off of the counters or leave the gerbils alone. My daughter wanted it and it was a stray. We tried it and she decided she wanted the gerbils more. It killed two of them and she wanted rid of the cat. We found it a home so it is better off than being a stray.

  6. PageC profile image60
    PageCposted 12 years ago

    I prefer dogs to cats, though I have both.

    Having a cat is like living with a roommate, whereas having a dog is similar to having a child. Cats seem to be less expensive to own, also, so that is a consideration for those of us on budgets.

    If your life is busy, and you don't have a lot of time at home, it can make more sense to have a cat or two for pets.

    Dogs, of course, are pack animals --- they need time with their families, and they need to go outside to potty. If you love dogs, but are away from home hours a day, consider using a pet sitter to give your dog some love, attention, exercise, and a potty break. You'll come home to a much happier family member.

  7. DeanCash profile image60
    DeanCashposted 12 years ago

    I love dogs a lot and I will do everything in my power to xxxx the cat, but hey wait they are both very cute in the picture I guess I will wait till they are bigger.

    Anyway If you really love to have pets with you choose only one. Don't match the predator with the prey or you will end up with more trouble.

  8. kevins blog52 profile image78
    kevins blog52posted 12 years ago

    My personal preference is the dog, They are ever forgiving and always ready to please, and all they want is a little pet on the head and a at a boy or two.If you read  my hubs  you will know why I love dogs so much.Cats are ok two I have 4 and one is going to have little ones any day now. I live on a farm and they are outside cats, four cats doesn't sound like so much now dose it.My dogs and cats all run free here on the farm.

  9. wingedcentaur profile image63
    wingedcentaurposted 12 years ago

    I'm a dog person myself. In my opinion the canines are more playful, dynamic, and fun. Dogs are built for action.

    It has always seemed to me that cats, by contrast, are built to be pampered (not that's there's anything wrong with that). There's an old saying: 'Dogs have families. Cats have staffs.'

    Take it easy.


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