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What is the funniest thing you have seen your dog do?

  1. Helena Ricketts profile image97
    Helena Rickettsposted 5 years ago

    What is the funniest thing you have seen your dog do?

    Dogs are full of personality and just like us, have their funny moments. One of mine stands in the water bowl like it's a wading pool.  The other one rolls in undesirable things and even though it's gross, it's pretty funny to watch his ritual.  What the funniest thing you have seen your dog do?

  2. JayeWisdom profile image93
    JayeWisdomposted 5 years ago


    My dog will walk through the living room, where there are two sofas and two armchairs (each with several pillows) and, using her head, push all the pillows off onto the floor. I don't know why she does this, but it makes me laugh every time--even though I'm the one who has to pick up the pillows and put them back in place. Does anyone else have a dog that likes to throw sofa and chair pillows onto the floor, or is my dog unique in this mannerism?

  3. profile image0
    Emily Sparksposted 5 years ago

    Well, one of them would be the way she sits.  It's hard to describe, other then she sits like a human.  She sits right on her bottom with both of her feet just sticking strait out.........it's really funny!

  4. duffsmom profile image61
    duffsmomposted 5 years ago

    It's been years but we use to have this black lab, Brian. You know how a dog will sit and itch their neck or ear with a back leg.  This one time he was sitting itching his "elbow" on his front leg with a back leg, and doing it on the other side at the same time.  So he had both back legs going at once doing the itching. Wish I'd had a camera!  Such a character.

  5. hobbynob profile image80
    hobbynobposted 5 years ago

    Once my dog, who was quite the alpha, ran up to another dog on its own lawn, swatted it down to the ground -- and took a leak right on the other dog's head. Then he trotted off, clearly proud of himself. We were, of course, left to apologize profusely to the owner. I've never seen anything quite like that.