What Kind Of Cat Is The Best Breed For Children To Have?

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    PhoenixVposted 5 years ago

    What Kind Of Cat Is The Best Breed For Children To Have?

    What Kind Of Cat Is The Best Breed For Children To Have?

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    zsobigposted 5 years ago

    I have 2 British Shorthair cats, and I can surely say, they are lovely and calm animals. We have some kids in our family, therefore I know that these cats would never hurt a children (or anyone in fact) - even during playtime they are not likely to scratch. They are interested in everything and everyone, my younger cat is usually head-over-heels with my friends - all the people who have met her so far wanted to take her home smile.
    Apart from these, I think if socialized well, all kinds of cats can get on well with children, but make sure you never leave a younger kid alone with them, as accidents can happen, no matter what.
    Toddlers tend to pester cats, so around that age all kinds of cats just rather try to avoid children.
    Later, when the kid is older I don't think a calm cat cat cause any problem at all.
    I hope I could help!

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    JThomp42posted 5 years ago

    Top Cat Breeds For Families

    Most of these breeds are noted for their calm, affectionate, tolerant and playful temperaments. They are less likely to be possessive of or bonded to individual family members, which means they are less likely to see a new baby as an interloper and a threat. These are all social, people-oriented breeds.

    Abyssinian: The Aby is an extremely friendly and sociable breed that loves to play.

    American Shorthair: These happy, social, energetic cats also get along well with dogs.

    Birman: Easygoing and adaptable, the Birman is noted as a go-with-the-flow cat.

    Burmese: Friendly and people-oriented, Burmese are very gentle with kids.

    Maine Coon: These big mellow cats are naturally sociable and a great cat with kids, but they do need to be brushed daily.

    Manx: This tailless breed loves attention, and is also a social, friendly cat.

    Persian: Like the Maine Coon, a Persian needs daily grooming, so be prepared for that commitment before adopting one. They are social and love attention.

    Ragdoll: If you'd like a longhaired cat who needs less frequent grooming than the Maine Coon or Persian, consider the Ragdoll. They are gentle giants who were named for their propensity to go limp when picked up.