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What things would you have to consider regarding the care of your dog when you a

  1. midget38 profile image95
    midget38posted 5 years ago

    What things would you have to consider regarding the care of your dog when you are away?

  2. lanablackmoor profile image91
    lanablackmoorposted 5 years ago

    Housing him separately so we don't come home to half-eaten cats would be the primary concern. He's also a chewer, so the sitter would have to be sure to regularly spray down our furniture with bitter apple spray. (That stuff is a life saver).

    Those are the main ones I can think of! Puppy therapy would probably be in order when we came back, since he acts like he hasn't seen us in years if we go to the store.

  3. edhan profile image60
    edhanposted 5 years ago

    The best will be leaving it with your neighbor. It will be well taken care of while you are away.

    I don't believe in putting it with dog's care housing as mixing with other dogs maybe trouble when you bring it back after your vacation. You will never know what happen during those days. I trust my neighbor so I know my dog will be in good care.

  4. cat on a soapbox profile image97
    cat on a soapboxposted 5 years ago

    Although my husband and I could stay at the Ritz-Carlton for what it costs to board our dog, we have the assurance that she will be carefully looked after, exercised, and attended to w/ affection by the same kennel staff that has cared for her for 8 years. . At home, even w/ a pet sitter to check on her, she could stress and bark incessantly, spill her water,run away and get lost, or get hurt. Peace of mind is priceless.

  5. mary615 profile image93
    mary615posted 5 years ago

    If I can't find a family member to come and stay in my house and care for my Schnauzer, I just don't go anywhere!  So, if I can't take her with me, I stay home.  I can't afford to board her, and even if I could, I couldn't stand the thought of her being caged.  She loves her fenced in yard too much.

  6. logoquiz profile image73
    logoquizposted 5 years ago

    apart from the obvious food, water and walks, I think one of the most important things is how lonely your dog will feel, also, the dog doesn't realise that you are coming back and thinks you are gone for good so may be quite anxious. It is good to leave him with someone he knows like a friend, family member, or neighbour.

  7. Thelma Alberts profile image88
    Thelma Albertsposted 5 years ago

    Besides food and water, I have to leave Angus, our Cavalier King Charles dog to a close member of my family who´s living with us and who´s taking care of Angus when I´m away for an hour or two.. I need a peace of mind.