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What can people learn from animals?

  1. Seckin Esen profile image90
    Seckin Esenposted 3 years ago

    What can people learn from animals?

  2. Penny G profile image71
    Penny Gposted 3 years ago

    They can learn to just Love without conditions and keep loving even though your mad or upset with someone, be faithful to the ones you love no matter what . Always be glad to see them when you come home after along day.Hmm such an easy untangled life they lead. AWWWW

  3. grand old lady profile image86
    grand old ladyposted 3 years ago

    So many things. Animals are a person's first step to facing death. As a child your animal dies, As you get older it's your grandparents, then your parents, then people your age, your friends all around you. Until it reaches you. Your loss of loved animals prepared you to deal with loss. And you should always keep animals with you, for as long as you both will live.S

  4. Sri T profile image80
    Sri Tposted 3 years ago

    Forgiveness. A dog easily forgives in most cases and lets go of the past. They are like children. They are also naturally friendly. Although a good quality, it is not a lesson that can be easily practiced in today's world. People have motives and are more unpredictable. That's why dogs have been called, man's best friend. They have a higher level of loyalty, especially if you feed them every day on time.

  5. HuskyChaos profile image79
    HuskyChaosposted 3 years ago

    Animals can teach us so much. They love unconditionally, forgive easily and quickly and put their all into life. They know how to amuse themselves and enjoy every moment.

    They don't carry stresses and worries like we do.

    They don't need the internet, movies, trips to the pub or club, Facebook and many other things to enjoy life. They find joy in the simple things like a walk to the park.

    They are loyal and faithful, so happy to see us when we get home. Their smile says it all when they see us.

    Animals are often much better company than people, they don't give us politics and issues in our friendships, trust easily and are there to cuddle you when needed.

  6. tsmog profile image82
    tsmogposted 3 years ago

    What comes first to mind is 'loyalty'. I realize that loyalty is a learned behavior and based on reliance in the beginning. Yet, with time it I feel it transition toward being innate and not a response. I feel animals of least mammals have immense thought processes and are free thinkers. That is my accepted belief.

    I have been learning and practicing the concept or practice of mindfulness in the last 3 or more months. A close friends went through a formal learning experience for mindfulness. She shared with me a thought process of observation of her pets. They are in a state of mindfulness pretty much 24/7.

    Example when she arrived home from a doctor appointment she could hear the two dogs yelping and etc at the door when exiting her car. Yet, she felt once inside the dogs simply left her having been gone behind and transitioned to affectionate love with loyalty.

    They expressed with all their being a sense of gladness with full mindfulness of her familiar presence. They were in the presence of 'Now'. I think that is cool and is an ambition of mine to emulate a pet's ability with mindfullness to savor or experience the moment of 'Now'.

  7. lisavanvorst profile image78
    lisavanvorstposted 3 years ago

    Loyalty, our pets are the most loyal around. More so than humans. They also give us unconditional love. The teach us what it means to be loved and they need us for survival such as love, warmth, food and water. Our pets don't move out and become to busy for us, like our children do at times. Our pets great us with love after a busy day. They are playful and appreciate that we are there for them. Also they don't talk back. lol

  8. Josh Makaveli profile image35
    Josh Makaveliposted 3 years ago

    I think there are millions of things that we humans have learned from animals like love, obedience, consistency, helping etc
    Also we have invented many things just to observe animals like flying

  9. Alexizer profile image59
    Alexizerposted 3 years ago

    They make us smile even on the darkest of days. They will be by our side no matter what. We can definitely learn a lot from these extraordinary creatures.

  10. lilmissmontana profile image86
    lilmissmontanaposted 3 years ago

    I can say from experience that my dogs have taught me patience, compassion, forgiveness, and undeniable true love and loyalty. I have worked long hours and had rough days, but when I stepped through the door they were there to greet me with wagging tails and smiles. I have learned that no matter what, they will love me for who I am, not judge me. They don't care how much money I make, what I look like, if I stay in pajamas all day, or if I eat an Oreo after 8pm. They just want to love and be loved, and it is the greatest gift in the world to learn from animals.