How does everyone feel about animal cruelty?

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    caitlyncerroneposted 12 months ago

    How does everyone feel about animal cruelty?

    I wrote a paper about animal cruelty on how I feel about it.

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    Onishea Aguileraposted 12 months ago

    It's one of the things I am most against in this world other than than child abuse. Animals should not suffer cruelty and people that abuse animals and are cruel to them are not good people. I've been around animals all my life and some some of them weren't very nice but they do not deserve to suffer any cruelty. They are like children to me. Sometimes they don't know any better just like a child. People that are cruel to them have something wrong with them. I've witnessed people that are cruel to animals just to be cruel and I always feel like they hurt them because they have something wrong with their mind to be able to hurt an innocent animal and not feel any guilt or remorse because they did it. I make it clear to anyone I know that is known animal abuser, if I ever catch them abusing an animal I will stop them even if I have to hurt them because an animals life is just as valuable as ours.