I have 3 pugs ages 5, 2. 1 1/2 older ones are females we recently made a m

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    pugs homeposted 8 months ago

    I have 3 pugs  ages 5, 2. 1 1/2     older ones are females  we recently made a move to a new home

    the previous home the dogs  fought occasionally   nothing serious    since we have moved the 2 females fight almost every day 2-3 times a day    when they aren't fighting they lay together and get along     even when we are gone they don't seem to fight   it is usually the older one that instigates the fight    you know it is going to happen because she starts giving the other one the stare down and then she goes     it seems to be over nothing    neither one gets more attention in any way than the other   I am at a complete loss   this is so heartbreaking that we have considered rehoming


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    helenstuartposted 8 months ago

    A rehomed dog is much more likely to end up in the pound, or to end up passed from home to home, never to be treated as kindly as you have treated it again. There are some "success" stories, but even more than yourself and your family, your dogs feel the stress of your move, and deserve more time and training to get used to the only (or almost only) environment they share with you and one another. You need to think about what they had in the old home and try to reproduce some of it in the new home, even if it means Kenneling the "instigator" for a while each day so 1) she can feel safe and not threatened, and 2) the two younger dogs can play together while she gets used to the environment , and so can they. I imagine some of the fighting occurs around the feeding bowl, whether they are hungry or not. (when is a pug not hungry) Also if there are close spaces where they must pass each other or walk side by side to get where they are going. She may even just feel possessive of the first young dog and resent the attentions of the newcomer into the family. I have a total of 6 dogs, three I rescued, all small. You need to re devote yourselves to the original older dog and treat him or her like the puppy it still is. Pugs are very special, sensitive, devoted. And Intelligent. They seem to take all our worries into their little wrinkly heads, and their ancient breeding leaves them puppy like for life. How do you know you won't give him to someone you totally trust, but that person actually doesn't have your sense of loyalty, and she or he gives them to a much less desirable home where they put him outside, and as you know, not only would his heart break from lonliness, but in the heat, the respiratory system that we humans "remodeled" for these sweet dogs would not be able to take the heat and he would probably die from heat stroke. Please don't be like those people who get a new dog and give their old one away. It is so wrong. When you adopt a dog or puppy be mature enough to know you are providing it a forever home. No other kind will work. Get down and see the layout as a dog would. Keep them on feeding and walking schedule, and put  "rehoming" him out of your mind. That's probably why the little pug is so worried. They know what you are thinking. Be worthy.

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      pugs homeposted 8 months agoin reply to this

      we especially i have tried to devote more time to the oldest   just for an example the middle one was laying on the couch and i walked by with the older beside me and she turned around an went after her    then the young one joined in