What are the best ways of introducing dogs to babies?

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    yetkinturhalposted 6 months ago

    What are the best ways of introducing dogs to babies?

    Our dog in an Australian Shepherd Dog and she is a year old.

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    Setank Setunkposted 6 months ago

    A dog that young will have a lot of anxiety over this intrusion. Your dog has not been with you long enough for you to gauge the full range of its' behavior: It is much easier with older dogs.
    The real concern lay in the nature of your relationship with the dog. Do you treat it like a member of the family or as the family dog?.
    An early introduction is better. Hold on to your baby for the intro and keep Him/Her elevated so your dog has to nose up to get a look and a good sniff. Keep a guarded and ready to rumble posture. Your dog will sense this and avoid alarming you. By maintaining your aggressive posture your dog is able to understand that the Baby is not a threat or challenge to rank but completely superior in every way.
    Your posture and willingness to lash out on the first encounter is critical. No place for the dog to consider rank or threat, like or dislike: Just  this is my baby, you so much as put your paw wrong and I will eat you alive.
    May sound cruel but it is not. This is the best way to help the dog understand what is going on.
    I would get rid of the dog because it is the worst possible age to introduce it to an infant. However Aussie's are one of the best Family dogs out there. Just make sure your dog knows it is a dog.