Meaning of snakes in dreams

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    Ness Siouxposted 4 months ago

    Meaning of snakes in dreams

    I have had two dreams and seen snake in each. The first dream, there was a cobra coiled under my bed. The second I was bitten by a black snake but was hold the snake so tight in the head it died. What does these dreams means ?

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    eirofficial3112posted 4 months ago

    Snakes usually depict an ill or omen. They portray any evil or malicious acts.

    In my own opinion, your first dream might mean that someone would come in your house while you are unaware (especially when you are sleeping).The second dream, on the other hand, means you caught someone backstabbing or doing other malicious acts behind your back but only after they've done so.

    That's my own interpretations of your dreams.

    Hope that was of any help.