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seclecting the right dog for you

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    clarky51posted 8 years ago

    when selecting a dog be it for you or your children or just companionship. Make sure that it has a good tempermeant and gets along good with children and people. A dog takes on the traits of there owner.Dogs are very smart animalas.Has they know when there is something wrong health wise before you do.They tend to look after you when you are sick.

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      Olivialuvs2write!posted 8 years agoin reply to this


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    wychicposted 8 years ago

    Those are a couple of good points when finding a dog. I have a hub on this exact subject, helping others find the right dog in shelters and rescues has been one of my volunteer tasks for years smile.

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    SandyMcCollumposted 8 years ago

    Clarky welcome to Hubpages! Looks like a great idea for a hub, I also have written one, but about Labrador Retrievers. Good advice, now just expand on it and put it in a hub. smile