emery cat rip-off

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    patandtaz2posted 7 years ago

    This website is very confusing; before getting a chance to review order, my credit card was charged 66.70! I thought I was buying ONE(and getting free one for an additional 7.95) No, somehow my order was doubled, and I was charged 31.80 for shipping! They make it impossible to cancel OR modify, even by phone.THEN they told me if they refunded my "mistake" I couldn't send the other one back! Anyone else have the same problem? I am spreading the word to all consumers to BEWARE! My money is too hard to come by to be wasted.This website needs to shut down. It is a scam!

  2. Tammy L profile image78
    Tammy Lposted 7 years ago

    Thanks for the warning.  I'm sorry you have such a bad experience with those people.  I hadn't thought too much about buying one of those emery boards for cats but after reading about your experience, I definitely will not buy one.  And I'll tell everyone I know not to buy one either. 

    That seems to be the way things are now.  Customer service is non-existent.  It's like "just give us you money and get the hell out".

  3. caninecrtitics profile image63
    caninecrtiticsposted 7 years ago

    The Cat Emery is a rip off in its self i see so many people that complain about it.