Pet-friendly homes are starting to catch on in Japan.

  1. Stacie L profile image87
    Stacie Lposted 6 years ago

    Pet-friendly homes are starting to catch on in Japan.
    I had to be careful not to say cat house...
    The Japanese love their cats and are designing specials houses for them...
    Pet-friendly homes are starting to catch on in Japan.
    Photo: Fauna Plus DeSIGN
    Does it make sense to design homes to cater to the enjoyment of cat and dog pet owners? Several design firms are grabbing the pet-friendly home idea by the tail and running with it.

    The demand is there, at least in Japan, claims Fauna Plus DeSIGN and its director, Keiji Hirose, a firm known for designing a custom home for 16 cats. The heart of the home features a cat-climbing tree that serves as a spiral staircase leading up to a catwalk on the second floor of the unit.
    the Japanese economy was worse than our,so I thought. How could anyone think to do this now when the financial conditions are so dire? I do like the idea though big_smile

    1. Lucky Cats profile image79
      Lucky Catsposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Well, I have to applaud this effort no matter the situation w/the economy...which, in my humble opinion, is mostly smoke and mirrors, misdirection, lies, deceit and "wag the dog."

      In this case, why not find happiness in whatever fashion one wishes, if one can afford to do is harmless, loving and, sometimes; dare I say oftentimes, our companion animals are far better to us and finer company than are our human companions.

      So..a vote of confidence and support for those who choose to spend their $ on animals...for those who love them; it is no different than designing an additional room for an additional human.