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Here it is, already the middle of March. 2013. Al and I have been very busy completing our forms and orgsite for our newly created NON PROFIT, Tax Exempt, Lucky Cat Foundation, Inc. We are so happy that this is finally a reality. Now, with the help of others who value and care about the welfare of animals, can help make this manifest in one little part of our world. Please visit our orgsite (on my profile page next to my photo) or click/copy and paste: http://www.orgsites.com/ks/cat-rescue-sanctuary/index.html

Our current campaign: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/goldie-needs-her-eye-removed/x/1557666

Our writing, our work, everything we do is dedicated to this mission.

Hello everyone. It is the end of September, fall is in the air and I am in the process of cleaning up "old business" and arranging my life in a better way. For these reasons, I have willingly decided to take a break from my online activities. There are so many immediate concerns in my life right now; issues that need my complete attention. Because of this, my time is limited. I miss my wonderful HP friends right now; and hope to return, on a regular basis, soon.

My writing is totally "blocked" right now...I can't seem to conjure up an idea or image worth sharing. I know that Grace and young Mr. Spencer await a conclusion and the Young Girl series has been dropped like the proverbial lead balloon....yikes.. Presently, my little brain is filled with current events.

I miss reading all the great writers I've grown to love...it is just a "trade off" right now.

And, So, But...I continue: I've been working on several org. and web sites. One is next to the FB icon on this page; the other is: http://www.indiegogo.com/luckycatrescuefoundation?a=1557666 (copy and paste ).

I love cats. I always have. I have returned to my native home; the lovely Napa Valley. Here, I find support in my efforts to help animals...Still, my friend Al and I are doing cat and dog rescue in SE Kansas. There is a GREAT need in America's Heartland. We moved there 5+ years ago; completely unaware of what was to come. It happened so quickly after moving to SE Kansas from N. Ca. So many "strays" and ferals roaming the streets. Helpless puppies running the highways and country roads. Just recently, we took in 4 mothers with their kittens, all living on the streets after the woman who had the adult females passed away, leaving her poor cats w/no home. Now, they are all safe, the mommas are spayed and the kittens are all scheduled for spay/neuter in several months. Our latest doggy addition is LADY who was running down a deserted country road in the rain, her paw pads were ripped and torn and bleeding. We scooped her up into the truck and took her home. So it has gone for us; filling in where others seem not to notice or just don't care. I can't imagine being that way.

We continue on, now in two states, caring for our rescued animal family. It always has been and always will be, our first consideration in every decision we make.

I looked for blog sites to begin writing in an effort to find others who share my feelings. I hope to find other kindred souls, particularly those who are capable of spreading their love to animals. I am an animal advocate, protector and I definitely and always stand up for the rights of the sentient beings who share this earth with us.

After sampling several other places, I decided upon HubPages because there are more options available to me...ie: pictures, arrangement and slideshow potential. This site is very easy to navigate.

I am not now, nor have I ever been, a professional writer. I just enjoy writing, hoping that I can touch others in a way that allows them to feel a part of something. I have always appreciated the 'security' in knowing that I am not alone in my feelings and fantasies, life choices and crazy ideosyncracies....I want to share that comfort zone with others so that, hopefully, they feel as I do about not being alone.

I have found that writing is a great cartharsis. When I am particularly happy, I enjoy sharing this emotion. When I feel deeply sad, writing helps to lessen the intensity. Placing value on events, places, people and, specially, my animal companions by writing about them, helps me to share their worth, their absolute importance in my life and the lives of others. Each tribute is a eulogy for loved ones who have passed. Some of these might find their way on these pages; most will not.

I hope to touch others as I have so felt influenced by the words I am reading here.


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