Please help me keep an eye on my fish!

  1. jlinsat profile image59
    jlinsatposted 9 years ago

    My cats are trying to eat my fish!...They are so naughty! I told them please dont pester the fish OR go on the kitchen counter! do they listen! no!

    How can i keep my fish safe..I have a live cam where you can see for yourself!

  2. ProfoundPuns profile image77
    ProfoundPunsposted 9 years ago

    Are there any smells that your cats absolutely hate? I know my cats hate the smell of citrus, for example. If you know of a smell your cats don't like, place something with that smell near your fishbowl.

    If that doesn't work or you don't know of any offensive odors, you could try moving the fishbowl to a different place and placing something in front of it so the cats can't see it.

    Another possibility: is there a room that you could put the fishbowl that has a closing door? Perhaps a bedroom or even a bathroom. Cats can't open closed doors (at least most can't!), so you can leave the fishbowl in a room and close the door.

    Hope this helps!