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Sloughi Greyhound Rare Dog Breed Facts and Sloughi Greyhound Information

Updated on May 8, 2011

The Sloughi Greyhound

The Sloughi or Eastern Greyhound is a breed of dog which belongs within the hound family group known as Sighthound dogs . Sloughis are thought to have originated in Africa where they were bred to hunt down gazelle, but some dog experts have come to believe that perhaps this Greyhound dog breed could have actually been first formed in the Middle East. Whatever the case, Sloughis today still remain a relatively popular Sighthound breed throughout areas of Northern Africa and Southern Areas of the Middle East. In Western Countries Sloughis are usually just mistakenly identified solely as Greyhounds or for their other Sighthound relatives. Still taking that into consideration, Sloughi dogs are predominantly an incredibly rare dog breed throughout the Western World, but that doesn't mean that these canine companion dogs aren't lovely pets. They're just what I like to call "hidden treasures ."

Sloughi Appearance and Sloughi Greyhound Coats

Sloughis have a strikingly similar appearance to that of the standard Greyhound and Saluki. These Sighthounds display noticeably deep, broad chests that quickly steep up to toothpick thin waists. Their bodies are strong and lean; the Sloughi dogs exhibit spines and ribcages that are visually exposed due to their excessive lack of practically any body fat. Sloughis support their light builds with long, sturdy, yet fragile looking legs that are built for helping these canine companion dogs reach top speeds that can surpass practically every other breed of dog in existence. These hound dogs have tails that hang low and curl in half circle shapes at the ends of their tails.

This Greyhound dog displays large, dark eyes held upon gentle, long faces and above slender muzzles. Sloughi Greyhound dogs exhibit triangular, back swept ears that appear as though these dog's faces are consistently getting brushed against by wind as if they were running. Sloughis have beautifully elegant necks that prop up at high angles against their bodies.

Sloughi Greyhound Coats

Sloughi hound dogs come in coat color variations ranging from sable, to fawn, reddish sable, reds, sable with black masks, fawn with black masks, black and brown brindle, white, black and tan, and other similar coat color variations that fall somewhere within any of these types Greyhound coats . These purebred dogs always have short hair that is tough, fine, and extremely easy to groom.


Sloughi Greyhound Withers & Sloughi Greyhound Weight

Both male and female Sloughi dogs stand on withers that measure at about roughly 23 and a half inches to 27 and half inches. This purebred dog breed should come in at a healthy weight that lies between 46 pounds to 62 pounds; Any Greyhound weight at anything that is more or less is than the average Sloughi Greyhound weight is considered to be unhealthy for these Greyhound canine companion dogs.

Sloughi Greyhound Temperament, Canine Training, and Dog Breed Care

These African hounds are shy and timid dogs that are both loving and extremely loyal towards their families and owners. Sloughis are even tempered canine companion dogs and make pets that are good with children; These Greyhound dogs require decent amounts of social interaction with people so that they do not grow lonely. This purebred dog breed behave well around other domestic dogs , but be warned that this Greyhound breed dof dog does not do well at all with livestock and some other types of house pets, since they have been bred to and have a natural instinct as hunting dogs . However, there are always exceptions to this rule as long as there's proper canine training techniques involved within the whole process. Remember to keep in mind that because of how intelligent Sloughis are, they require lots of mental stimulation for much of the day. If these hounds grow bored, they become destructive just like most any smart dog breed .

Sloughis are highly intelligent dogs , and unlike many smart hound dog breeds , these Sighthounds are very easy to train and respond surprisingly well to obedience canine training as well. If you want a canine companion dog in which can hunt game with speed and expertise, then I highly recommend that you should maybe consider owning a Sloughi dog .

Sloughi Greyhounds long for high levels of exercise in which they need to be taken for daily jogs that last at least from 40 minutes to 60 minutes in length. The Sloughi breed should be given the adequate amounts of space to run as they wish freely for about 60 to 90 minutes as minimum of twice a week, preferably a back yard, but some parks suffice just fine as well. If you cannot supply these Sighthounds with the levels of exercise that they so desperately need, do not get a Sloughi canine companion dog , any type of Greyhound , or most any other Sighthound for that matter. This dog breed will become excessively bored, unhealthy, and depressed if you deprive them of their exercise.

Sloughi Health and Life Span

This rare dog breed are overall very healthy hounds, even more so when you consider that these canines are a purebred dog breed. Now, some of the hereditary disorders and disease that Sloughis are prone to however include Canine Hip Dysplasia, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), and if theses pets are not exercised adequately this may also lead to some serious health issues and disorders too. When it comes to Canine Hip Dysplasia or (CHP) Sloughi dogs usually do not develop this disorder until the later years of their lives, if Canine Hip Dysplasia ever becomes a health problem in the first place that is.

These hound dogs live similar in length life spans to that of the standard Greyhound which is 11 and a half to 13 and a half years of age.


Sloughi Greyhound Dog Breed Grades

Here's what these African hound dogs scored with my dog breed grading system.

Stamina = A++

Intelligence = B+ to A-

Canine Training = B+

Obedience Canine Training = A-

Speed = A+

Guard Dog Capabilities = D

Watch Dog Capabilities = C+ to B-

Dogs that are Good with Children = A

Interacts Well with Other Domestic Dogs = B+

Suitability for Urban and City Living and Lifestyles = C-

Suitability for Metropolitan and Suburban Living and Lifestyles = B+

Suitability for Urban and Country Living and Lifestyles = A+

Affectionate and Loving Canine Companion Dogs = A+

Here's what Sloughi's score when it comes to Dog Care Requirements from 1 -4. (#1 meaning lowest care requirement levels, and #4 meaning highest care requirement levels.

Feeding Amounts = 2

Sloughi Greyhound Exercise = 3

House Living Space Needed = 2

Backyard Space or Running Space = 3

Grooming = 1

Social Interaction with People = 3


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