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Hungarian Puli Dog Breed Facts and Puli Dog Breed Interesting Information

Updated on June 1, 2011

The Hungarian Pulis are a breed of herding dogs that descended from sheepdogs that were brought to Hungary by the Magyars around roughly the 11'th Century. Hungarian Puli Dogs were bred for the purpose of herding animals and livestock, in particularly sheep and cattle. Over the years Pulis or Pulik (also plural for Puli) began to play a role as popular police dogs through the years. In more recent times these cattle dogs are still used for their strong herding capabilities and instincts; Pulik have also managed to grow in numbers as common show dogs in Great Britain for the past 20 years, but in general the Hungarian Puli dogs are still a relatively rare dog breed.

Puli Appearance, Coat, and Grooming

Puli Coat and Puli Grooming

The Hungarian Puli Sheepdog is most notably famous for being what some call "dreadlock dogs." This is because of the dreadlock like natural formation and appearance to their coats which often times make these canine companions appear as though they're mop dogs . Pulis carry long, extremely dense, thick coats that are impeccably hard to care for and manage. That's why when it comes to Puli grooming, this should be left to highly experienced dog owners who know how to properly groom the Hungarian Pulis long hair. Hungarian Pulik come in coat color variations of only blackish browns and off whites, generally speaking Puli dogs exhibit black brown coats more times than they do off white coats.

The Hungarian Puli breed of dog has a double layered coat; the inner coat is soft and short, while the outer coat is long and shaggy and may occasionally cord, which the cords will need to be brushed out eventually. Because of the hair that dreadlock dogs display, this give these canines a virtually weatherproof like shield against whatever nature can often times bring their way. Now, if you live in a hot climate, I recommend that you have your Pulik coat shaved down to their skin because they can easily overheat in warmer weather. If you live in a cold climate though, then it's best to keep your Hungarian Puli Dog with natural lengthy amounts of hair.

Did you know?

It takes exactly two years before the Hungarian Puli Sheepdogs fully grow their coats out.

Puli Dog Appearance

These canines are a powerful breed of dog that have compact bodies and builds in which help boosts the Hungarian Puli dog’s stamina and other physical strengths. This dog breed can display either curly tails or Hungarian Puli Puppies will not be born with any tails at all! When Hungarian Puli puppies are born with tails though, they are often times docked within just a few days after birth. Dreadlock dogs exhibit square to rectangular proportioned bodies carried by medium length legs when put in ratio to their body sizes. The Puli dog breed has a round head and average sized opaque brown eyes, but both the facial features and bodily features are hidden and visually unnoticeable beneath their long, harsh, hairy coats that create mop like silhouettes.

Fun Fact

The owner and creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, owns a pet Hungarian Puli Sheepdog named Beast.

puli dog - dreadlocks dog - black puli - mop dog
puli dog - dreadlocks dog - black puli - mop dog

Weight and Withers


Female Hungarian Puli dogs should lye within a healthy weight zone of roughly 22 and a half pounds to 29 pounds. Healthy male Hungarian Puli dogs should come in between 28 and a half pounds to 34 pounds. Anything above these weight margins is considered to be unhealthy for this dog breed and can lead some major health issues if left untreated; the same thing goes for neglected underweight dreadlock dogs.


Female Hungarian Pulis have withers that range from usually 16 and a half inches to 17 and a half inches in height. Male Hungarian Pulis measure standing on withers of 16 inches to 18 inches in height. When these canines are shorter or taller than their dog breed’s standards this is considered to be an unwanted, faulty feature, in which animal experts advise not to breed dogs with such traits.


Puli Temperament and Dog Training

Puli Temperament

Hungarian Pulik temperament is loyal, and these devoted canine companions often times form unbreakable bonds with their owners and families, but Pulis dogs are not prone to be so open to strangers. 90% of the time this breed of dog is reserved with strangers. It takes a bit of effort and quality hours for the Hungarian Puli dog breed to develop friendships with new people, but when they do, Hungarian Puli Sheepdogs can become truly one of Man's Best Friends to say the least. Now, do keep in mind though that some Pulik do not act and get along well with children, so this dog breed might not qualify as the greatest of family pets; then again on the flip side, there are plenty of these herding dogs that make wonderful family pets too.

Puli Dog Training

This purebred dog breed is very highly intelligent, and Pulik respond excessively well to standard dog training, and obedience dog training. Because of this quality, dreadlock dogs make amazing show dogs and agility trial dogs. If you want a pet that is both obedient and a quick thinker, you should perhaps consider owning a Hungarian Puli.


Exercise, Health, and Life Span

Pulik require hefty levels of exercise and should not be owned by dog owners whom prefer to stay sitting indoors during much of their free time. When the exercise needs of Hungarian Puli dogs are neglected, Pulik may become highly destructive, depressed, bored, overweight, and etc... Since dread lock dogs require lots of mental stimulation and physical activity they are easily prone to boredom, which is the last thing you want for one of these canines to become. This is because Hungarian Puli Sheepdogs are very destructive pets when they're left unoccupied.

If you're the kind of person who has a strong passion for the outdoors and physical fitness, then a mop dog could be the canine companion for you! Pulis love to go for long jogs, walks, and runs, so these animals can keep your company while accomplishing a nice, fun daily workout. On average the Hungarian Puli dogs need daily workout regimens consisting of about a minimum 45 minute to 60 minute daily jogs.


Overall Pulik are sheepdogs that tend to live long, healthy, happy lives, but sadly this is not always the case. Like most purebred dog breeds, these herding dogs are prone to a various hereditary health conditions, concerns, and diseases which should be closely monitored with increase of age.

Puli Life Span

Mop dogs tend to live from 12 and a half years to 16 and a half years of age.


Pulik and Komondors

Hungarian Puli Sheepdogs are closely related to another dog breed known as Hungarian Komondors. Komondors like Pulik have a long history as sheepdogs and cattle dogs. Some even get these two dreadlock dogs confused with one another since they practically look identical. There is however a few distinct differences that these two canines differ from one another, that can help you distinguish these purebred dog breeds from each other. For example, Hungarian Pulik are about half the size as Komondor dogs, while Komondors are a huge, giant like breed of dog. Also, Puli dogs tend to be brownish black and Komondors are always off white.

Puli Review

Okay, so here's what these lovable herding dogs scored in our Puli Review.

Dog Training = A+

Overall Puli Temperament = B

Friendliness towards Owners and Family Members = A+

Friendliness towards Strangers = D-

Suitability for Urban Living and Lifestyles = D

Suitability for Suburban Living and Lifestyles = B+

Suitability for Rural Living and Lifestyles = A+

Herding Dog Capabilities = A

Guard Dog Capabilities = C-

Watch Dog Qualifications = B+

Here's what these canine companions scored the Puli Review for Care Difficulty Requirements within levels 1 through 4.( #1 being easy to care for; #4 being difficult to care for)

Exercise = 3

Puli Grooming = 3.5

Feeding, Food Intake = 1.5

Amount of Time required to be Accompanied by Owners or Family Members = 3

Living Space and Backyard Space = 3


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      This has been very useful for me and my puli puppy (:

    • gitrdun4444 profile image


      7 years ago from North Carolina

      Good hub, very useful info. I personally have never heard of this breed. Very interesting, looks like my mop, after I'm done with it. LOL!


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