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Tink and Me

Updated on April 11, 2013

The Training of Tinkerbell

Now is it really training her or is she training me. That is the real question. I will share with you how my cat and I go through a day in "Tink's World". I will share some of the funny things that she does, and I am sure some people think I am a loon for talking to my cat, but that is ok. I know the truth. So come along and I will take you down a path and insight into a cats mind.

Here is just a little background I have always had a cat in my life, including the fact that it is part of my name. I have always been able to talk to my cat and get them to respond. Call me a "Cat Whisperer" ahhh but that is another story. My cats have always been there for me when I was feeling blue or happy or just about anything. Enjoy the journey and I hope to put a smile on your face by the time you're done reading.

Some of Tinkerbell's Favorites - Tinkerbell's Meow

yes my cat has specifically chosen some of these items by her meow.

Here is how our day starts.

Early to bed and early to rise.

Since the passing of our beloved dog Zena, we have now devoted all our time with our cat. Since most cats sleep all day, and seem to like to play all night, it creates havoc in our sleep schedule. So we sleep at odd times and our day starts when Tinkerbell gets up.

When we go to bed at night most of the time now, Tinkerbell comes to bed with us, but on those rare occassions that she decides to play late at night, We have a game she likes to invoke. It is called how many times will she knock on the door. Yes folks we even put a camera outside our bedroom door to watch her. Like I said I day starts when she wants in to. So who is really training whom here?

This one evening we decided to go to bed rather early I had not been feeling well that day, but as we did we turned on the security camera that we used when Zena would be sleeping out in the living room. We aimed the camera towards our door, to see what Tinkerbell was doing. Let me back up just a little, we put the camera in place to see if we were just going bonkers or if the cat was really knocking on the door.

So we have in place the camera, we have the TV on and we are watching something on the other TV. We have just settled in to fall asleep when we notice the cat coming up to our bedroom door. She sat down and licked her paw and it looked like she was going to just sit there.

How many times a day should you feed a cat? - We are having a debate at home?

I need your help to end the debate. I have diabetes and my cat is overweight. So like the Doctor has told me to eat smaller meals, well so does Tinkerbell. Please help. Which should it be Once a day or several like my doctor has said for me, that is several small little portions. I await your responses.

How many times a day do you feed your cat?

The Knock!

She really does knock.

As we sit in our bed we see he reach her little paw up and she looks to be knocking on the door. 1, 2,3 times we hear it. We watch the TV screen where our security cameras are hooked up to, and yes she really has her paw up knocking on the door.

I about spewed my drink out my nose when my honey said to me look at her. As he starts laughing harder and harder, I start laughing as well. Then she changes the game. So, I watch the screen and he opens the door, she runs away. We close the door. Then she comes back and knocks again. He opens the door and she runs away again. Now, as I am watching her in the screen of our security camera, she comes back to knock on the door and I am telling my boyfriend that she is coming back. She must hear him walking to the door. As she runs off again. And as she is running off I swear I hear her chuckling as he opens the door.

After about an hour of playing her game, we decide it is time to go to sleep. I get up this time to let her in and I am talking to her. She looks up at me like if she understood every word I just said. I pick her up and put her in bed.

May not be Tiger but She's the only One.

May not be Tiger but She's the only One.
May not be Tiger but She's the only One.

Now how we get woken up.

This is even better than her games.

Tinkerbell usually sleeps by my feet or in between us. But when she wants up and out, well after we have had our workout of her attacking our toes, and she finally lays down to go to sleep. She likes to curl up by my head at times, and usually if I am at all aware she is up there, I cover my head.

She likes to clean my boyfriends head and has been known to extended the claws while she does. I see nothing wrong with this, but Jr surely does not like it. Gee whiz no sense of humor. I am only kidding honey, I know it hurts. Well after hearing him scrabble to get up and he kicks her out, then well of course I have to get up to use the facilities. She greets me at the bathroom door, she does that purr with the meow. As if to tell me that she is hungry, so we go to the kitchen and I tell her to hold her kitty paw paws well I get her bowl and fill it up with food and water.

During this whole time she is going in and out between my legs and purring and rubbing on me. Sometimes that little tale of hers just tickles the heck out of me and I can't stand it. I break out laughing and scoot her away from me. And then she really starts talking to me.

Here are some of the other storys I have written in regards to my pets. - I hope you enjoy them too.

Warning, warning, warning! If you want a real tear jerker then read Saying Good Bye to our Dog, I have warned you now. So open at your own risk.

If you enjoyed this story, then share yours with me. I appreciate all comments, good bad and the ugly ones. I use them to re-evaluate my writing style. So far I have not had to change to much.

Do you have a pet? - Tell me about them, please.

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    • Catherine Frias 9 profile image

      Catherine Frias 4 years ago from Salem, Oregon

      @rayncathy: Yes, we call our a little humanoid. No problems communicating what she wants and when she wants it. :D

    • profile image

      rayncathy 4 years ago

      Our cat is really a person in a cats body. She lets us know in her own way when her food bowl needs topping up (its when you can see the first glimmer of the bottom of the bowl) or her litter tray needs cleaning. Who said animals can't communicate

    • Catherine Frias 9 profile image

      Catherine Frias 4 years ago from Salem, Oregon

      @Heidi Vincent: Well I sure hope that when you do, you have one that matches your personality. I can't say enough about mine. She talks to me all the time. And oh my goodness when she has a bad day. :) by the way you have a beautiful smile. Keep smiling!

    • Heidi Vincent profile image

      Heidi Vincent 4 years ago from GRENADA

      Not yet but I am thinking of getting one.