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50 Awesome HD Pictures of God's Universe for your Desktop

Updated on July 8, 2014

The Universe was Created in Majesty and Beauty by God

In the Bible , in Genesis are two stories of creation. of which the more familiar story is that of which made God the creation for six days and rested on the seventh.

The description of the creation of the world as it is in the Bible is acceptable both by Jews and by Christians , and even the description of creation in the tradition of Islam has many similarities with that described in the Bible.

So the Universe is a fitting place that was created by God in all it's glory. Here are some of my favorite desktop wallpapers to remind us of that wonderful fact...

From God to Our Eyes Through Hubble's Lense

The Universe is space full of information. Every star we see in distant galaxies, deep in space, carry with them information and by way of such as Hubble's telescope, techniques of gaining new astronomical observations of the Universe...a Universe created by God in all it's energy and magnificent array outspread before us to allow our minds to reach up and reach out to the awe-inspiring panoply of stars and planetary bodies that exist only because God does.

The Swan Nebulae

This perfect storm of turbulent gas in the Swan Nebula, M17 , is in Sagittarius, at 5,500 light-years from Earth. This is a bubbly ocean of glowing hydrogen with traces of other elements such as oxygen and sulfur. Also called Omega Nebula, acts as a hotbed of new stars.

The torrent of ultraviolet radiation emitted by massive stars sculpt and illuminates the gas wavy designs. These newly formed stars are located outside the image field, top left. The brightness of these waves enhances the three dimensional structure of the object. Ultraviolet radiation and heats excavated surfaces of cold clouds of hydrogen, and glowing red and orange.

The intense heat and pressure to generate a flow of material from these surfaces, creating a green shade on gas masks the background structure. The pressure at the ends of the waves may trigger new star formation within them. The colors represent the different gases, sulfur red, green and blue hydrogen to oxygen.

The Swan Nebulae

Swan Nebula
Swan Nebula

The Sombrero galaxy

The Sombrero galaxy, Messier 104, is very large, visually it is one fifth the size of the moon in a telescope. It is about 30 million light-years from Earth in the Virgo cluster. It is so named because its shape resembles that of a cowboy hat. This spiral galaxy, cataloged as NGC 4594 galaxy is seen edge-on, and it highlights a dark band appears to be divided longitudinally into two, which is formed by huge dark clouds. The mass of the Sombrero Galaxy is twice that of ours. If you could see ours in the same way, present a similar appearance to that of the hat.

Why is the Sombrero Galaxy looks like a hat? The reasons include the large cluster of stars towards the central area of ​​the galaxy and dark prominent dust edge that surrounds the galaxy and from our perspective, we see from the side. Billions of old stars cause the center of M104 high brightness, while a more detailed inspection of the ring, shows intricate structures that astronomers do not yet understand. The center of the Sombrero Galaxy radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum and is thought to host a super massive black hole.

This image was made by combining 3 CCD images, taken in about the primary colors red, green and blue, which was possible to create a true color image. Each image was processed by a detector sensitivity variations and then remove incorrect regions caused by manufacturing defects and the arrival of cosmic rays from the telescope.

The Sombrero Galaxy
The Sombrero Galaxy

Hoag's Object

s it a galaxy or two? This question arose when astronomer Art Hoag in 1950 found this strange extragalactic object. The outside of the ring is dominated by bright blue stars, while stars lying near the center red and probably much older. Between the two is a space that appears in almost complete darkness.

How Hoag's Object formed remains unknown, although similar objects have been identified and are called collectively as ring galaxies. The hypothesis of their origin include a galaxy collision billions of years ago and gravitational interactions involving an unusual heart-shaped object.

This photograph taken by the Hubble Space Telescope in July 2001 reveals unprecedented details of Hoag's Object and may give life to a better understanding. Hoag's Object spans about 100,000 light years and lies about 600 million light years away toward the constellation Serpens. Coincidentally, visible in the empty space there is another ring galaxy that likely to be located at a farther distance.

Hoag's Object
Hoag's Object

Antennae Galaxies

Collisions between galaxies can be decisive in the creation of new planets. The Chandra X-ray Observatory has discovered rich deposits of neon, magnesium and silicon in a pair of colliding galaxies called antennas. The deposits are located in huge clouds of hot gas. When the clouds cool, scientists say, should be a lot of stars and planets. These results could foreshadow the fate of our own Milky Way and its future collision with the Andromeda galaxy.

When galaxies collide, direct collisions between stars are rare, but collisions between huge gas clouds of galaxies causing an increase in the rate of star birth. Newborn massive stars evolve rapidly in a few million years and explode as supernovas. Heavy elements manufactured in these stars are ejected by the explosions and enrich the surrounding gas over thousands of light years.

At a distance of about 60 million years, the system of antennas is the closest example of a collision between two galaxies. The collision, which began a couple of hundred million years has been so violent that the gas and stars in galaxies have been ejected in two long arcs that give the system its name.

Antennae Galaxy
Antennae Galaxy | Source
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