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How To Crochet A Simple Harvest Hat: Free Pattern!

Updated on January 20, 2016
The finished Harvest Hat by Meisjunk©!
The finished Harvest Hat by Meisjunk©!

Crochet your very own Harvest Hat!

I'm pleased to say that this is my very first pattern. It's simple to do and only in single crochet. The current size is only about 3 inches, but if you want to scale it to make one for your own head, have at it! All you have to do is keep adding rows until it's large enough. Read the pattern below for more details!

Hook: 6.0 mm (J)
Yarn: Vanna White's Choice Lion Brand
Weight: Fingering / 4 ply (14 wpi)
Color: Autumn Print (203)
Purchased at: Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts


Name: Harvest Hat
Pattern By: Meisjunk©
Craft: Crochet
Made for: Owlet I crocheted my mom
Size: 3 inch triangle

Don't forget to make two of these!
Don't forget to make two of these!

The Pattern.

  1. Chain 2.
  2. Increase in the last stitch. Turn. -- 2 st.
    (There will look like there are 3 st. You will use this last stitch.)
  3. Chain 1. 2 sc. Increase in that last, weird stitch. Turn. -- 4 st.
  4. Chain 1. 3 sc. Increase in last stitch. Turn. -- 5 st.
  5. Chain 1. 4 sc. Increase in last stitch. Turn. -- 6 st.
  6. Repeat steps by increasing in last chain until you get to 20 stitches.
  7. Tie off.

Remember, if you would like to make the hat larger, just keep going! Size with your own head if that's your wish. Any and all attempts at my pattern are welcome! I'd love to see how you've done. = )

Final steps.

Don't forget to make two of these!

To finish off, you can do 1 of 2 steps:

  1. Put both pieces back to back, with starting stitches at opposite bottoms. Weave in yarn with your crochet sewing needle to join.
  2. Put both pieces back to back, with starting stitches at opposite bottoms. Single Crochet the sides together.

I crocheted the two pieces together rather than weaving/sewing. Don't forget to keep the bottom open! You do need to be able to put it on your doll's head (or yours, if you're making it larger). =)

Easy AND cheap!
Easy AND cheap!


Because this hat is specifically for the Autumn Harvest, I have added a leaf!

I bought a simple floral stick of fake leaves from Dollar Tree, as you can see to the right.

I cut off one of the Maple leaves and then used fabric glue to stick the leaf to the corner of one side of the hat. It's added the cutest effect.

Just to make sure that it stayed on the hat, I put a hard cover book on top of it over night to ensure the fabric glue would stick.

Time Span

Would you add a leaf to your hat? Or perhaps something else? Or do you prefer to leave it the way it is? Please vote below!

Whichever you choose to use, good luck!

This hat only took me about 30 minutes to do. It took another hour or so for the leaf to fully dry to the hat, but I did keep the book on it over night just in case.

If you choose to make the hat larger, I would say it might take an hour instead of the 30 minutes.

Pleae vote! =)

Would you add an Autumn leaf to your Harvest Hat?

See results
Meet Dr. Hoot!
Meet Dr. Hoot! | Source

Tricks and Tips

Because I will be making hats from all different seasons for the owlet that I crocheted for my mom, my sister suggested that I put a button and receivers on the owl and hats respectively so that none of them will become lost once they're placed on Dr. Hoot's head.

How To Button And Receive

If you decide that a button is the way to go, sew a button onto the back or side of your doll's head. Then on each subsequent hat that you make, crochet a receiver, or a loop. This will ensure the snuggest fit of your hat!

This is 6 chains looped together.
This is 6 chains looped together.
  1. Join with same or a different color yarn one stitch away from the center of the back of the hat.
  2. Chain 6 (or more, depending on the size of the button).
  3. Single crochet into the chain that is one chain away from the center of the back of the hat on the opposite side from which you started. Tie off.

Please comment below if you like my pattern. Any tips and critiques are welcome.

© 2011 Jennifer Kessner


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