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Craft Techniques

Updated on October 7, 2014

How to Do Crafts

A little know-how goes a long way in crafting. The craft techniques I'm including in this article include a range from knitting and crocheting to distressing paper to painting to using wax for different effects.

The marbled look on these found objects is an example of a painting craft technique. I explain the steps to get this marbled effect later in this article.

Photo Credit: Peggy Hazelwood

Sharpen and Lube Your Hole Punch

Keep your hole punch in good working order.

Lubricate the "blades" by punching wax paper.

Sharpen the "blades" by punching aluminum foil.

Paper Crafts - Have scrapbook paper on hand for your next project

Decoupage Made Easy - Add clip art and scrapbook paper to objects

Make Stretchy Bracelets

When making bracelets with elastic, use a

bead with a larger hole next to the knot.

You can hide the knot inside the hole

for a more finished look.

Learn to make simple bracelets.

Transfer Images

The Graphics Fairy has compiled lots of ways

to transfer images to all sorts of items:

~ glass ~ candles ~ paper ~ fabric ~ wood ~ metal ~

canvas ~ terra cotta and more!

Found objects with marble paint finish.
Found objects with marble paint finish.

Marbled Painting

Craft Technique

This marble paint finish is easy. Here's how I did it.

For the marbled look I achieved with these found objects, I started with four colors of craft paint: tangerine, light yellow, brown, and tan. I first painted one side of each item one color (a light color like tan) as a base coat.

Next, I dipped my paint brush into another color and swiped on some random stripes or swipes is more like it. Next, I added another color, overlapping the wet paint. Finally I added the last color. For some of the pieces, I mixed two colors of paint to get a blended effect.

There is no right or wrong way to paint like this. The method is random. If you don't like how it looks, paint over the piece after it dries and try again!

Photo Credit: Peggy Hazelwood

Write with Paint

Use an old glue cap (like an orange one

from Elmer's glue) and put it on an acrylic

paint bottle to be able to write in color!

Make Chalkboard Paint

Make Your Own Chalkboard Paint

Visit The Idea Room for easy instructions.

What Kind of Glue to Use?

Check out This to That

to find out what glue to use to stick things together like:

glass to glass or metal to wood

or fabric to plastic and more!

Make Spray Paint

Make Your Own Spray Paint?

Add 2 parts acrylic paint with 1 part water

in a spray bottle. Shake and spray!

Use Wax for a Rustic Look

Before painting, gently rub the edges and random spots on your wood or metal with soap or wax.

This will prevent paint from sticking in those spots, giving the piece a rustic look.

Get Crafting! More Craft Ideas to Explore

Charity Programs -- Craft and Give
Crafting is so much fun but sometimes we don't need all of the items we make. If you can whip out a hat or scarf in record time or are as slow as molasses but love making crafts, that's okay. There are charity programs that need handmade crafted goods.

Anatomy Clip Art
The human body has all sorts of parts that lend themselves to crafts. For instance, who among us hasn't traced their hand to make a Thanksgiving turkey?

Drawing Instruction -- How to Draw Step by Step
Using simple drawing instructions, nearly everyone can learn to draw. From simple figures to more complex images, drawing is a great way to express yourself.

Music Clip Art
Music clip art is as varied as the types of music. There is sheet music clip art, the ever-lovable animals making music, musical notes, and images with people playing instruments like this great silhouette of two musicians playing bag pipes and a horn.

Circus Clip Art
As a child, I have to admit, I thought about joining the circus. I mean, I would get to hang around clowns and animals all day. Slip under the big top when it rained. Eat lunch with the Fat Lady and maybe a two-headed cow. Watch amazing feats like tight walking and juggling. It was very intriguing to me.

Free Silhouette Clip Art
Silhouettes are images outlined and filled in with dark material, usually black, that are presented against a white or light background.

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Let me know what craft techniques you use. - Do you have a short cut to share?

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    • ismeedee profile image

      ismeedee 4 years ago

      There is so much here for crafty people!!

    • profile image

      JoshK47 5 years ago

      Very interesting info, indeed! Thanks for sharing! :)

    • Joan Haines profile image

      Joan Haines 5 years ago

      All techniques I can find for polymer clay and watercolor mostly are what I use.