Look right foot ... Or have a lot of trouble!

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    nirosanposted 4 years ago

    All women should be barefoot as well as the desire to be soft silk. If such a desire is not enough time to listen to the feet. Because a lot of women working at home because they could not keep the house always wearing shoes. And because they have a beautiful style, high heels are to draw.

    So their feet does not cause any problem. But a lot of women increase the risk of foot problems. Women will experience foot problems such as what is generally known and acted accordingly kollunkalen anymore

    Achilles burst: men's, women's heels and foot problems are one of the eruption. However, women suffer the most. Because of their feet is a lot of stone, menmaiyilantu releases, explosions occur. I do not have feet of natural oil glands. So everyday we mascuraicarai legs from time to time to apply any oils or. If Achilles and the explosion, until it, mutiyirukka feet to the shoes and socks.
    Infectious fungal disease occurs when feet sweat more feet on the stench of a kind. If the feet without any maintenance, infection caused by fungi. More women are beautiful feet and long nails to hold the leg. Its easy on the fingers of the fungus into itukkukal, can lead to disease. Itukkukal more so when you are in the stone, severe pain in the fingers, like the red of flora. It is a disease which may occur in the nails of the toes, go to a spa or at home can be avoided if properly cleaned.

    If you want to go to a spa for a week or a month, if proper care for feet, feet to avoid problems