What Are Feet Warts? Are Warts Contagious? How Do You Cure Foot Warts?

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  1. ngureco profile image82
    ngurecoposted 9 years ago

    What Are Feet Warts? Are Warts Contagious? How Do You Cure Foot Warts?

  2. advisor4qb profile image78
    advisor4qbposted 8 years ago

    My youngest son had some really big warts on his feet.  It took quite a few visits to the podiatrist to get rid of them.  She burned them and then scraped off the extra skin and then burned them again and did this repeatedly until they had gone completely.  We also had to put some cream she gave us on it at home that had the same active ingredient the stuff she was using had.  He was a real trooper, and it worked great.  The first podiatrist actually gave up.

    However, my daughter still has warts on her knee, toes and fingers.  The doctor tried to burn them off but gave up after two tries.  He said that warts are a virus anyway and that they will most likely go away on their own.

    Warts actually ARE contagious.  The reason my kids have them is that my husband had them all over his arms and was picking at them and touching everything.  I tried to tell him, but he wouldn't listen to me.

    Some people, like me, are not prone to warts.  I think if your immunities are down, you may also be more susceptible to catching them.

  3. BEAUTYBABE profile image74
    BEAUTYBABEposted 8 years ago

    Warts on the feet or as they are known "Plantar Warts" by medical name:

    1.  Plantar warts come on the soles of the feet.
    2.  Infection can come from  walking with wet, bare feet on places such as school change rooms
    3.  Plantar warts can be quite painful because they are being trodden on all the time and cannot grow on the surface of the skin inwards.
    These warts are contagious and here are things that you can do to protect yourself:
       -  Don't pick or scratch the warts - you cannot scratch them off, and scratching might spread them to other parts of your body.
        -  Keep your hands clean, but do not wash them too often. Washing your hands will not get either.
        -  Don't share other people's sports shoes or gloves.
        -  Wear sandals or thongs around public pool areas and public shower.

    There are various wart paints or plasters available from pharmacys.

    Your Doctor may be able to burn off the plantar warts with LIQUID NITROGEN, or an electric needle (uses local anaesthetic for this )

    Another thing that people sometimes use is plants or herbs such as DANDELIONS, these may contain chemicals in them to destroy the warts

    I hope this can help with your question. I had several of these warts growing up as a young schoolgirl, so I can tell you from personal experience that they are very painful and what I have said here is fact. Good Luck BB

  4. jezbiz profile image42
    jezbizposted 7 years ago

    Feet warts are usually caused by viruses. mostly acquired by walking barefoot on infected places. There are many ways to cure foot warts. One of them can be done at home like the duct tape method, or you can buy over the counter ointments or sprays.

    http://hubpages.com/hub/Getting-Rid-of- … ing-Method


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