Old Trafford

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    jereys099posted 4 years ago

    "It was a strange day at Old Trafford in the circumstances in which we retained the Ashes. Then over the last couple of days it's been a bit of a media storm," Cook said. "We knew it would happen at some stage in the Ashes and it's taken a bit of gloss [off] but that's out of our control. We're an experienced bunch, we've been through a lot and a lot of players have been through similar circumstances with a bit of controversy in the past. We've dealt with it well and I see no reason why we can't deal with it again.

    "As a side, I've got no qualms with the way we've gone about our business in this series. We try to be as respectful as we can to the opposition. We try to do things in a proper way – clearly we don't always get it right but I think Andy Flower has been very strong on that in his coaching circle."