Panasonic Lumix FZ200 for wildlife filming

  1. Tenochtitlan profile image60
    Tenochtitlanposted 3 years ago

    I've used a Panasonic Lumix FZ150 and FZ200 for wildlife filming in particular in the tropics.  The FZ200 is superior especially as it has a permanent large aperture of 2.8.  This camera could be an ultimate wildlife camera for those on a tight budget.  However Panasonic have upgraded this camera with 24x optical zoom to one of x16 that instead films at 4K, not for me.

    The FZ150 could film in the MOV format used by Apple and QuickTime.  The FZ200 relies solely on AVCHD and MP4 - only MP4 works easily with Apple computers.  I wish they could have an uploadable fix for this.

    Both cameras beam out a red light when autofocussing.  Many cameras these days don't use such laser beams.  It frightens shy animals though one mongoose actually approached me to check out the mysterious red light before running away.  Panasonic could use a more invisible system.

    The inboard microphone is pretty bad.  Panasonic's external microphone is overpriced and low quality.  The Rode videomic is very good and I used this.

    I wish there were a better camera with a hot shoe that was similarly priced I could upgrade to now that Panasonic has gone to a lower zoom 4K format.  4K will be the norm soon but I'm not ready yet until my computer is 2TB.

    It has been a steadfast rainforest companion even if the still shots leave something to be desired as the light sensor is small compared to a professional DSLR.