Shooting for TFP/TFCD with new models..any thoughts?

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    justchazzyposted 8 years ago

    Hi everyone,

    I had another heated debate with my good photographer and model friends last night over the same subject....

    Tfp models entering the modeling industry.

    My friends beliefs are on the opposite side of my argument.

    I believe that new models should not shoot TFP/TFCD because its not fair to either model or photographer(unless they are both newbies). Models that shoot TFP rarely advance and adapt to mainstream fashion and other genres due to the lack of real 'workflow' experience.

    By the way for the people not familiar with photography terms.
    TFP = Trade for print. where both parties trade time and create images for each ones portfolio.

    TFP = Same thing but the models gets a CD of images instead of prints.

    I believe in treating everything as fair as possible. The word trade to me suggests equal value in a transaction. With that in mind....

    I was a guy who put himself thru 4 years of college(Total: $68,000), Moved his whole life to the US and worked under photographers for nothing so I could move up the ranks(Total Loans for 3 years: $23,000), buying and replacing equipment in the last 7 years (Estimated $8,000 a year without travel costs and other expenses). Shooting internet celebs, networking door to door with ad agencies, model scouts, production studios, and basically working my butt off and kissing everyone else's...

    Since those days 2 years ago, I have achieved some respect and I do well.

    Now, that was my side. I am only going to state a couple of things and I think I would love everyone's thoughts.

    Most of these new models understand hard work at the age of barely 18 and most treat the creative arts as a(excuse my words) "pissing contest with their friends'...not a business that brings in billions of dollars to international economy and drive jobs in every country...I am proof of that.....OK. all

    What are your thoughts and experiences? and please lets not let this get

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    Please forgive me for all my spelling and grammar mistakes..I am in a rush.