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  1. everyday stuff profile image60
    everyday stuffposted 8 years ago


    Hey Robert, like I told you, I love to draw & I recently ATTEMPTED a drawing of my pom, Kazzi. I will try to send it to you for "constructive criticism"..lol...PLEASE HELP!  BTW, got your request done!

  2. jexter profile image50
    jexterposted 8 years ago

    hey ........you can draw awesome pictures by using a tool called livebrush have a look....

  3. robertsloan2 profile image91
    robertsloan2posted 7 years ago

    Oh coolness!

    Well, the first thing to think of in drawing a Pomeranian is hair textures. Poms are fluffy dogs. I haven't actually done one but I know how I would approach it.

    First, either use grid method or tick marks to carefully make a line sketch of the dog and anything you want in the background from a good reference photo. A quick and easy way to trace outlines is to use Gimp or Photoshop to cartoonize them, then blow up the cartoonized photo, print it out and trace it onto drawing paper.

    Next, look at the values in the photo. Take the reference again, blow it up to the size you're drawing the dog. In Gimp, use Hue-Saturation on the Color menu to reduce saturation to zero. In anything else, follow the help directions to turn a photo into grayscale or black and white.

    Get the values right.

    Then, if you're drawing your dog in color, use the color selector tool. Check the actual color of the shadows, the dark spot on the tongue, the teeth, the eyes and so on. This is where both value and color are going to fool you!

    Get the shapes of shadow areas right and the proportions right on the contour drawing and your dog will come out recognisable.

    For fur textures, draw soft strokes that feather off at the end. Don't use a super sharp pencil point. Let it get a little flattened by filling in a flat dark part first. Then make a stroke in the direction of the fur that has medium pressure at the start, and lift the pencil off gradually as it ends. That "feathering" texture is wonderful for fur.

    Draw the shadows between clumps of fur. If you draw the fur by drawing what's around it, light fur will look much more real. Fur "breaks" into clumps that are locks of hair. So you draw the darkest bits first that are usually pointy ovals or triangles, then start feathering out into the lighter parts. Add a few accent lines but do not draw lines that are solid like a hair all the way through -- your pencil is not as narrow as a hair and that looks more like a wire brush than fluffy fur.

    I hope these tips help! Thanks for asking! I will do something like this with fur textures but I'd rather not do an entire pomeranian, not really into dogs so much that I want to do portraits of other people's (the way I do with cats, anyone's cat is adorable to me), but if I get the demo on a small dog any small dog right you should have no trouble with your Pom.


  4. profile image44
    cutipieposted 7 years ago

    I can draw a POM!! My cuz always says i draw the most best detailed pomeranian there is.....i also have someone to pose for my drawings..
    my pomeranian, Kelsey....cutest dog ever!

  5. mysteriousmaven profile image59
    mysteriousmavenposted 6 years ago

    Cool! I love Poms. smile They're really cute.

    If you've done with your drawing, you might want share it online. wink