How to become a professional photographer?

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  1. Shil1978 profile image91
    Shil1978posted 8 years ago

    How to become a professional photographer?

  2. profile image52
    harypotterposted 8 years ago

    To become a professional photographer it is good to work under another photographer for some time. This will help to get to know the craft better. Photography is something that you will have to experiment with.

    pls visit :

  3. warrioRR profile image61
    warrioRRposted 8 years ago

    To be good and professional photographer you need a lots of time money and equipment and tips and tricks.

  4. Melissa Royal profile image61
    Melissa Royalposted 8 years ago

    Go to college for photography. I don't know where you're located otherwise I would suggest some colleges to you.

  5. 49lart profile image73
    49lartposted 8 years ago

    First of all choose your specialty then look to build your  professional portfolio. If you are looking to become a wedding photographer, learn how to compose portraits and lighting techniques. Look for a position assisting an established professional, you will learn how to light and pose your bride and groom, but more importantly you will lean how to deal with clients and run a profitable business.

  6. cliveb profile image61
    clivebposted 8 years ago

    This is an extremely subjective and difficult question to answer since there is no concrete answer. You need to find a niche that has your signature on it. It seems that everyone who owns a digital camera assumes they can be authentic photographers, even clients! Start with a local paper (if you can write and photograph your articles, even better). This avenue will eventually lead to other publications wanting your articles, such as magazines (start with local and then branch to national magazines), newspapers (this is harder since they often don't have the budget for freelancers), clients (find out what sort of photography they require (i.e. portraits, commercial, architecture, etc...), then submit samples of similar work to them. The direction most photographers pursue is wedding and event photography. You will need a good camera and flash system. Know your limits and develop on them - don't exceed them. Concentrate on what you do best and make it a passion. It will pay off but it takes TIME...

  7. hcachat profile image59
    hcachatposted 7 years ago

    There is a difference between being a professional photographer and being a financially self sustained professional photographer.

    Professional means to get paid to do it. To do that you can tell your friends and family that you will charge them $5 to do portraits for them. But that will never make you a profitable photographer.

    Let me say I do not make my living on photographer, I don't want to. I did it for a while and started falling out of love with it. Why? The business part of it. I went to the New England School of Photography in Boston. I suggest you look into it. It is a two year program taught by photographer for photographers.

    After your skill is good enough comes time to create the business. If you like business and know business good. You will either have to be able to run a business or will have to hire someone to do it. Think financials, advertising, social marketing, networking etc. (The financial part is what I don't like.)

    You will either need your own money to put into your business or you will need an  investor. Depending on if you plan to have a studio or not will greatly influence the amount of money you will need. Costs: Equipment, Rent, Insurance, Marketing costs, Chamber Memberships etc.

    The key to making it is knowing your strengths and marketing them. Do not under price yourself. You will most likely not be able to compete with chain store pricing, so don't try. Pride yourself on great photography and market yourself.

  8. LauraTallo profile image71
    LauraTalloposted 16 months ago

    Buy a camera, and find a mentor.  For newbies, I recommend
    You can find every "how to" video there from unboxing your camera and choosing your settings, to lighting, exposure, and editing. Good luck!

  9. Melina Thomas profile image60
    Melina Thomasposted 15 months ago

        To become a professional photographer. Work under another photographer or follow him. You can find a lot of opportunities here. Guides to become a photographer also you may find other professional photographers.
    Check here:

  10. JohnPLyons profile image91
    JohnPLyonsposted 15 months ago

    I'm a professional photographer of some repute, a qualified business mentor, a teacher and I write hubs about how to start a photography business.

    May I suggest you cast an eye over them and come back to me with any questions. I'm happy to help if I can.


    John Lyons
    Cameraclix Photography


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