25 uses for old shoe boxes

  1. RGraf profile image92
    RGrafposted 7 years ago

    25 uses for old shoe boxes

  2. Torch Harrison profile image83
    Torch Harrisonposted 7 years ago

    Great question.

    Jewelry boxes
    Storage for cassettes, CD's or DVD's
    Medication storage (just don't have any little ones about)
    Gift boxes
    Barbie bed frame (why buy her a bed when you can make your own?)
    Ribbon, thread or bric-a-brac organizer
    Home for small rodents (like hamsters, gerbils and mice)
    Fort blocks for kids to play with
    Pirate treasure chest
    Reciept organizer
    Catch all for nails, screws, nuts and bolts
    Golf ball caddy
    Target practice
    Fishing lure caddy (or a homemade tacklebox)
    Baked good or small bread storage
    Mushroom growing
    Bulb storage (flower or light)

  3. vaguesan profile image81
    vaguesanposted 7 years ago

    you can wear one as a hat I suppose. Or store all your dead hopes and dreams inside:(