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What is the best camera for a beginner to use?

  1. AEvans profile image80
    AEvansposted 7 years ago

    What is the best camera for a beginner to use?

  2. warrioRR profile image60
    warrioRRposted 7 years ago

    This matters that you are buying a camera for your personal use or professional use or a gift for a child?
    Well, for personal use you can buy a camera of NIKON, CANNON or a Sony cyber-shot 8 to 10 mega pixel. And for professional use you can buy an expensive one with lots of features, or for a child u can buy a low quality or local brand up to 5 mega pixel camera.

  3. alwaysfree profile image59
    alwaysfreeposted 7 years ago

    I use a Canon 6 megapixel with a macro setting that I bought about four years ago and it works very well.  I paid five hundred dollars for it.  Nowadays one can get a 10 megapixel camera for between 100-200 dollars.  Remember the more megapixels the better quality picture.  Hope this helps.  Have a great day.

  4. Karney profile image55
    Karneyposted 7 years ago

    Great question! I suggest going to the nearest best buy and "play before you pay." You definitely get what you pay for.
    Do research before you purchase your first "baby."
    Looking for something small and pocket worthy? I suggest the digital cam, "Cyber Shot." (and get the highest mega pixels possible-highest mp creates the most clear results!)

    My first camera was a Cannon, and I never looked back.
    I reccomend Cannon, because the set up is beautiful, it's really simple to use and the instructions are step-by-step and easy to follow. (Again, go for the highest MP possible, of course, the higher the MP, the more the camera is apt to cost too.)
    It's all about experimenting, and getting comfortable with your equipment, from there, it's about a relationship. You be nice to your camera, and it returns the favor of awesome quality snapshots.

  5. agvulpes profile image87
    agvulpesposted 7 years ago

    Did you mean use or buy?  When I went digital my first camera was a Canon Powershot A400 and many of my photos on HubPages are taken with this camera. I would still recommend a Canon but something with more megapixels. I would say buy the Canon with the highest number of megapixels within your budget.
    Allow for a larger size SD card and look for a camera that uses standard AA batteries :-)

  6. solar.power profile image56
    solar.powerposted 7 years ago

    I think a sony cybershot should do the trick

  7. tio12 profile image70
    tio12posted 7 years ago

    i think you can use canon 1000 D to start taking pictures. because the camera is designed for beginners. and after that you can learn three important things in photography such as aperture shutter speed and ISO for the beginning. for me if you are using a pocket camera, it will waste your time.