Just Hold my Hand

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    Yanicki23posted 8 years ago

    While things are so confusing..
    When I just want to cry..
    And I can see the tears in your eyes..
    How far we seem to have come..
    Yet we still break our hearts..
    Both too terrified to say yes..
    When it looks like your slipping..
    And you think I'm not listening..
    Just hold my hand..
    So many things we can't say..
    Too much has happened for it to go away..
    Yet I still want you..
    And I see the way your eyes follow me..
    The way I lose myself in you..
    I know you are scared..
    You don't want to hurt me anymore..
    Just hold my hand..
    We have each other..
    Can't you see I'll always be here..
    I notice you start to stumble..
    That you want to give in..
    Life just seems to be too hard..
    I know your tired..
    I feel it when you talk to me..
    Yet your still fighting..
    Just hold my hand..
    We can go slow..
    Why rush what we know we have?
    I'll wait for you to catch up..
    I have the rest of my life..
    What we have is just too rare..
    I won't let you go..
    Just hold my hand.

    1. El-Said profile image60
      El-Saidposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      A wonderful poem. It reminded me of a poetic lines by David Diop which a close friend of mine quoted to me
      "we have come to the cross road,
      I may either leave or come with you,
      I lingered over the choice,
      but in the darkness of my doubt,
      you lifted a lamp of love,
      And I can see in your eyes,
      The way I should take."

      keep it up!

  2. Mac Mission profile image60
    Mac Missionposted 8 years ago

    Nice Yanicki23,