Could you please tell me Hanna's last name?

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    sasapooposted 7 years ago

    Could you please tell me Hanna's last name?

    I was recently in Kauai and bought one of Hanna's dolls. She signed the doll but the name is blurred so I can't read it.  I can't make out her last name could you help me? The lady I bought her from told me Hanna is 87 years old now, is that true. The lady told me she had a stroke and it now takes her much longer to make a doll. Any information you can give me about Hanna would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!

    Sincerely Linda Inman

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    Aloha GEMSposted 7 years ago

    Aloha Linda

    She taught me how to make dolls last 2008 and she was 85 years old at that time. Actually we lived in the same building. I worried about her since her husband died last year and she was alone there. I know she has a heart problem and she told me that it's one reason why she wanted to stop making dolls. But it is her passion. If I happened to go to the beach I will pick some sea shells for the dolls' slippers and give it to her as a gift.
    Based on what I've heard from her that her family name is Bryant BUT when I checked at the back of the dolls after reading your message, it is Brauoth.

    She said she want to have me take care of her doll business because she is getting old. When I learned how to it. I did not make dolls because I don't want to compete her with the business. But she always asked me every time we met if I still make dolls,  I told her that yes  and sold it online.

    She told me how happy she was when some of her costumers send her an mails with the dolls picture with them. she is very proud and told me the help dolls was all over the world. I will surely tell her that about you......

    mahalo and nice meeting you...


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    sasapooposted 7 years ago

    Aloha Shirley!

    Thank you so much for answering my question about Hanna. Her dolls are so sweet. I will always treasure my Hanna doll. Please tell her I think are dolls are lovely. I hope you will continue her legacy after she is gone. I think thats important to her, for her to know that someone will carry on her tradition of making these wonderful little dolls. She wants you to carry on making her dolls after she can no longer make them herself. I hope you will do so. Thank you again for being so nice!

    Sincerely Linda Inman
    Greenville, South Carolina