please tell me what Bible translation you are using that shows "Yahweh" in the N

  1. profile image52
    wesboppposted 8 years ago

    please tell me what Bible translation you are using that shows "Yahweh" in the New Testament...

    (Greek Scriptures).

  2. profile image0
    ShadowKing!posted 8 years ago

    In the original Hebrew, God’s name is given as "YHWH." This is known as the tetragrammaton. Because of the lack of vowels, people debate how the tetragrammaton “YHWH” was pronounced.Contrary to what some Christians & the Jehovah's Witnesses believe, “Jehovah” isn't the Divine Name revealed to Israel. The Israelites feared of accidentally taking God’s Name in vain (Leviticus 24:16), they basically quit saying it out-loud. Instead, when reading, they substituted the actual tetragrammaton (which is only the consonants of the Divine Name “YHWH” since Hebrew is not usually written with vowels included) with the word Adonai (Lord). Even in the Septuagint (the Greek version of the Old Testament) the translators substituted Kurios (Lord) for the Divine Name. Eventually the vowels from Adonai (“Lord”) or Elohim (“God”) found their way into the consonants YHWH, thus forming “YaHWeH.” But this does not mean that was how God’s Name was originally pronounced.
    Many Christians probably don't realize that perhaps some of their problems, woes, & sorrows come from speaking this not so accurate name in connection with the word God (Elohim). Esp. African Americans. Since I'm AA, have lived among them in communities and still interact with my race, I'm justified in giving this example. However, anyone with cable can access Comedy Central & old Def Comedy Jam episodes and see HOW MANY TIMES a comedian uses a joke with "Ooh, Lord, Lord Jesus help 'em...God Almighty you better come get this boy!". Such idle use of divine titles referring to the Supreme Creator is sacrilegious. The Bible warns us not to take the name of God in vain, meaning in an improper use or to associate it to something evil or penniless.
    I advise anyone to not get caught up in the idle religious traditions of men. Simple names like Lord, God, Master, Almighty, Holy One, & my personal choice, Supreme Creator are names that will suffice. Sticking to use non-pagan descriptive words to reference the God of Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob will not displease the One & Only True God. I highly doubt He'd hold it against you for using a description that singles Him out as the highest being there is.

  3. Deaconess profile image60
    Deaconessposted 8 years ago

    There isn't any such thing because the Hebrew word for it, which is sometimes pronounced as Yahweh (though nobody actually knows the right way it is to be pronounced), is untranslatable. Personally, when I examine the word, I see a form of word  "exist": as a verb presenting in both the perfect (completed) and imperfect (yet to be completed) tense, as well as being both the initiator and direct object of the action; containing both female and male genders; and it is also a noun that possesses itself, in both the singular and plural; and finally, it presents in the first, second, and third voice. I tried entering the word here, but hubpages wouldn't accept text in Hebrew.

    When Moses asked God who he should tell the Hebrews he was sent by, God's reply was, "I am what I am... tell them I AM sent you... the God of Abraham etc..." and the rest, in simple terms: and if you must have a name, then here it is * ... a word that that we can never adequately explain or speak... because Elohim (The Higher Powers That Be) is beyond our words, and comprehension.


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