What a graphic artis can do with qr codes?

  1. qrzilla profile image58
    qrzillaposted 7 years ago

    What a graphic artis can do with qr codes?

    How they can be used for nice design and also telling smth to the people who sees it?

  2. richmediadp profile image81
    richmediadpposted 7 years ago

    QR codes are increasingly being used on food package design, and even on websites like the NFL website, for example.  Iphones and Android phones have mobile apps that you can download and these apps can read these barcodes by taking a picture of them with the camera within the phone. Then the mobile app software will direct you to a Google (or other search engine) search that will display the product price etc.  While not uncommon, more and more people can include a QR code on their business  card that is a link to say their design portfolio or website!  You will see more and more QR codes appearing on products and websites in the very near future.