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Framing your own cross-stitch?

  1. Seeker7 profile image97
    Seeker7posted 6 years ago

    Framing your own cross-stitch?

    I'd really love to learn to mount and frame my own work. Do fellow hubbers have any recommendations on websites, books, lessons or any other way to learn how to do this properly? Many thanks in advance for taking the time to respond.

  2. Whidbeywriter profile image87
    Whidbeywriterposted 6 years ago

    I frame my own cross stitch but I have a "hot press" that actually adheres the fabric to the board.  It's very simple you just lay a clear adhesive on top of the board then the cross stitch fabric, place it in the hot press for 3 minutes and it compresses it and comes out absolutely gorgeous, the fabric actually straightens out and sticks to the board. There are also some sticky boards you can use to give you this sane effect, if you do not have a "hot press". Then you just frame it like any other project. I believe you can dry mount the fabric as well using a different type of press.  Hope this helps!

  3. Seeker7 profile image97
    Seeker7posted 6 years ago

    Hi Whidbeywriter,

    Many thanks for this information. I had no idea that there were tools like this for framing. I really appreciate the advice. Many thanks.

  4. nifwlseirff profile image97
    nifwlseirffposted 5 years ago

    By cleaning and framing your finished needlework projects yourself, you ensure they are properly framed and cared for, and save a lot of money on professional framing! read more