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Did you paint any art that is hanging in you your house? In so, can you tell me

  1. KrystalD profile image80
    KrystalDposted 6 years ago

    Did you paint any art that is hanging in you your house? In so, can you tell me what inspired you?

    Feel free to post pictures with your answer!


  2. LoriSoard profile image75
    LoriSoardposted 6 years ago

    My dad has painted most of the artwork in our house. I usually ask him for a specific type of painting and he takes it from there. I love that my walls are adorned with something from my dad. It makes those paintings much more special than if they were from a stranger.

  3. elayne001 profile image74
    elayne001posted 6 years ago


    I have many of my paintings hanging on my walls. I am inspired by the beauty in people and nature. I love doing portraits and landscapes (especially ocean scenes).

  4. SopranoRocks profile image59
    SopranoRocksposted 6 years ago

    I took a life drawing class once and created eight 18' by 24' charcoal abstracts using the naked body as my muse.  I gave a few to my siblings and they have them in their houses. In fact, one of my brothers was the first person to actually buy my work - and it was my very first of these drawings.  It was actually on newsprint because I thought it would just be a sketch, but when it turned out so well I started making more on quality paper then framing them.  He and another brother have them hanging in their offices (one is a doctor and one is computer engineer).  It means a lot to them (and to me) to have a piece of me in their homes. 
    I had two hanging in my house until my nieces and nephews grew old enough to see the "naughty bits" - I will rehang those when they are a bit older.  They are a "matching" pair, of equal proportions; one a man and one a woman.  My favorite one is an abstract I made years ago while watching my pet rabbits run around my living room.

  5. Robert Kernodle profile image92
    Robert Kernodleposted 6 years ago


    Yes, I have numerous paintings of mine hanging on the walls where I live.

    What inspired me?

    .... to paint or to hang my own paintings on the walls where I live?

    I hung my own paintings, because I did not want to throw them away or store them out of view any longer, since I was not willing to give them away, donate them, or sell them at a cheap price that might lead somebody to actually buy one.

    Now, what inspired me to paint was a sort of insanity that got progressively more intense.  Inspiration really had little to do with it.  Rather, visceral tension to seek out the resolution of forms, form relationships and colors within the constraints of a small surface area simply demanded it.