Craft projects using aluminum tooling foil.

  1. galleryofgrace profile image81
    galleryofgraceposted 6 years ago

    Craft projects using aluminum tooling foil.

    I just found a package of Aluminum Tooling Foil in my old craft supplies. It's 36 gauge and is 12 inches by 3 feet. What neat things can I create with this?

  2. Natisu profile image74
    Natisuposted 5 years ago

    Something I have done with tooling foil. If it is thin enough. Get some stiff craft paper. The size that you want to use, and get some craft glue. Not stick glue it has to be thick liquid glue. Draw a thick design on the paper using the glue (draw it first with a pencil if you wish) let it dry. You may need to put a few layers of glue until you get a good ridge to work off of. Let it dry completely. After its dry put your aluminum over the glue picture, and start gently molding the aluminum to the glue. Your design should now be in the aluminum. You can get a sponge with some watered down paint on it, and lightly brush over just the impression, and give it a stained effect as well.

    I hope this helped ^_^