How to make sewing patterns from your designs?

  1. msheldon21 profile image61
    msheldon21posted 9 months ago

    How to make sewing patterns from your designs?

    I want to be on project runway someday

  2. lisavollrath profile image96
    lisavollrathposted 9 months ago

    Try taking a few courses in pattern drafting and draping. Pattern drafting will teach you how to make flat patterns from measurements, and draping will teach you how to make them by draping fabric on a mannequin.

    While there are books and videos that can teach you some of these skills, the best way to learn them is from someone who has been doing it forever. I learned things from my teachers that can't be taught unless you're face to face, solving a particular problem together.

  3. Jason mackenzie profile image47
    Jason mackenzieposted 9 months ago

    You can check out wikihow, they have plenty ideas for you to make sewing patterns from your original designs such as this site:

    Otherwise, taking a sewing class would be quite beneficial as you will be also learning the efficient and effective ways of making sewing patterns.

    You could possibly be inspired to create more designs from the class that you attend to. Meanwhile, there's also opportunity for you to make friends with people who have similar interest as you.

    People who attend classes are more willing to teach you about sewing a variety of patterns. Hope this helps!