How to determine the value of an antique oil painting?

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    lindacarmenposted 11 months ago

    How to determine the value of an antique oil painting?

    Thank you for the information. I have an oil painting in the original fradated 1883-1885. It was painted by my great grandmother while studying at the Seaborne Art Academny in Paris in 1881. Problem is there is no signature that can be seen & you advised not to take it out of its original frame.  Not sure if it is signed under the frame somewhere on the canvas.  It has been in my family for over 135 years. Trying to determine where to sell it as no one in the family wants it. Your advice is apreciated.It was appraised in 2007 for $35K but that was an insurance apraisal not the actual value.

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    lisavollrathposted 11 months ago

    Nobody can appraise your artwork online. The best thing to do is take your painting to an art appraiser, and have it appraised for its market value. They can advise you on how to obtain documentation for the painting, and may be able to direct you to the best place to sell it in your area.