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What exactly is art because people always think of it as drawing. What is your

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    Jelisa Dunkleyposted 4 months ago

    What exactly is  art because people always think of it as drawing. What is your opinion of art?

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    eirofficial3112posted 4 months ago

    Art is basically everything that you see. However, since its values greatly differ from person to person, what is art for someone is not to the other. For example, a rock could be an art but at the same time, it's not.

    And drawing is definitely one way to EXPRESS art. For me, drawing is expressing the art you see or feel.

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      Jelisa Dunkleyposted 4 months agoin reply to this

      wow thx that was a great answer. that tbh blew my mind b/c I wouldn't have g0one that in depth great job thx for answering me

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    PeterStipposted 4 months ago

    Drawing is one of the many disciplines in art. Art has many disciplines like music, visual arts, dance, film, literature... And these have sub categories like drawing, painting,sculpture, performance art,video art, poetry, photography etc.
    Within the visual arts you have distinctions between for example modern art and contemporary art. Which are different. Modern art is the art from Vincent van Gogh up to Andy Warhol less or take. Contemporary art is art made today.
    So if you talk about art it depends what kind of art you are talking about. You talk and experience a poem of T.S. Eliot differently then a painting of Picasso.
    As with everything you have to do a bit of research and learn about art to get to understand it more.
    If you have never learned to read you wont understand what's told in books and can't appreciate them. The same with music and painting. The more you see paintings and read about them, listen to what the artists have to say, the more you will appreciate them and get to know them better.
    Art is not simply a matter of taste. It's more. It's our foundation of being human. Without art no design, no beauty. In the end you will end up with a dictatorship as art makes the mind free. That's why artists are always seen as enemies of dictatorships and rigid political and/or religious systems.