Have you ever noticed-Poem by Kat

  1. Kats Kreations profile image53
    Kats Kreationsposted 9 years ago

    Everyday I have noticed how things don't seem to matter as they once did? 
    Who am I kidding? No one not even myself.  How does this foolishness spew from one's lips? How does it compare to ones behavior and pattern's of life? I will say one thing is true the world is filled with dirt and beauty, how is this possible.  Has someone played a mean joke on me? Life is not waht it seems its only a glimpse of what we think we see or what we think we want.  The only thing darker then life is death.  But how would I know?  I have never seen death close up in the face. I have only seen a reminance of death. What it brings when it comes to the the tabel.  Some people embrace death others run away not knowing that they only are running closer to the enevitable.  The sun burns bright and the moon glows white.  Some say the sun is a dying star, a star that is millions of years away ready and waiting to dye our skies with a fantastic show of bursting rays and burning flesh, turning us in to cosmic dust. This dying star of ours plans to bleed our skies and weaken our defense and leave us blind. The world is merely an instrument in the scheme of things. Merely a pawn in a bigger game of who's the boss and who's the one going to win.  I try to tell myself that what I do matters that I can make a difference in life. But can I really? Do I really? How can I if everything is already pre-planned or schemed in such a way that I fail?  If not fail then I am disappointed by the mishaps of my youth and adult life. 
    Why must one go to colleg? Why must we pay to be educated? Is knowlede so powerful that only those with little power can obtain higher power by buying it? Is not this the land of the free home of the brave?  let me guess this is a land of have and have nots.  I don't want to pay for something I can       teach mysefl for free.  I don't want to conduct myself to conform to the everyday ritual of the common man.
    I am free, free to think, free to learn ,free to choose! So then why do I feel so trapped? Trapped by a society that could never understand me or hear me? Social mumbo jumbo! I am a discrace to my own pure thoughts because I am a prisoner to my social dwellings and I still conform to what you would call NORMAL!  Have you ever noticed that?