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Have you ever been noticed for wearing two different socks?

  1. rutley profile image75
    rutleyposted 5 years ago

    Have you ever been noticed for wearing two different socks?

    You got dressed in the dark, there wasn't any other ones clean, you can't see, you don't care, etc.

  2. Goody5 profile image67
    Goody5posted 5 years ago

    Yes, back in High School, and they made fun of me all day long. Good Times!

  3. innerspin profile image94
    innerspinposted 5 years ago

    Yes, I had a horse riding accident and had to go to hospital. Every flippin nurse and doctor that saw me said, " Did you know you're wearing odd socks?"  I'd been knocked out and cracked my pelvis - I didn't give a fig about my socks!

  4. jandee profile image58
    jandeeposted 5 years ago

    No Sorry !  In my case it was shoes and one was a house slipper.   In a desperate rush to take my teenage nephew to a match he was playing in I jumped in the car . It wasn't until I was at the match that I realised what I had done.  I walked around the field for Two hours with a fake limp and hoped that I was limping with foot the slipper was on.

    1. joanveronica profile image84
      joanveronicaposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      That sounds really funny! And very loyal to your nephew, I hope he appreciated your efforts!

  5. fpherj48 profile image76
    fpherj48posted 5 years ago

    Rutley...sometimes It doesn't have to be an "in-the-dark oversight.  I've been known to grab the first 2 socks I can find, with no concern as to how different they are.....Whatever people think, they think.......More important things for me to focus on......I've done this with earrings too!  That really gets some looks.  LOL

  6. Marc Rohde profile image69
    Marc Rohdeposted 5 years ago

    I have done this but I also have a habbit of wearing unmatched colors--like dark brown socks with black slacks.  It doesn't really bother me but when I get to work an notice it I just don't cross my legs to keep the slacks down.